Looking for ideas: Hosting the rise 360 course

Feb 13, 2023

Good morning, I just want to ask the community because I'm a bit lost.

I've built out my rise 360 course. I want to be able to distribute the course with other companies for training but I'm lost on how to do that. Can you share how your guys host and distribute your courses?

I saw on one page that its good to export it as a web output, and host it on my website, but my concern is if that will still make it SCORM compliant? as this is one of the requirements of other companies.

Best regards to all of you!

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Jose Tansengco


Thanks for reaching out!

SCORM Compliant means that you should be able to upload your course to any LMS and it should still work as expected. For this to be true, you'll need to export your Rise 360 course as an LMS package and upload it to an LMS to test. 

If you're looking for a free LMS to test your Rise 360 courses in, we recommend creating an account in SCORM Cloud. You can find more information on how to test your Rise 360 courses in SCORM Cloud here

Hope this helps!