Make viewing a document mandatory in Rise

Feb 05, 2019


I am building a policy review course in Rise and have added the document with a check box underneath that they have read and understand the policy.  I then added a continue block that they must read the policy before moving on, which they can't click on until they go through all the blocks.  

What I am wondering is if there is a way to force them to open the policy document before they can click the continue button?

I have attached a screenshot of the setup.

Thanks for your help.


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Amanda Michaluk

Thanks Tom, this looks like a good solution.  I can't seem to get web url option to work for me.  When I add the storyline block it is blank, it's like it's not loading the pdf.  Do you have any ideas why this may be happening.

The option to load locally does work, but like you mentioned it is not as clean.  It's also very small and therefor the text is hard to read.  I've tried re-sizing it but doesn't seem to do much except add scroll bars.

I tried looking for other solutions.  I thought perhaps I could add a button, which when clicked would take them to the pdf on our Intranet site.  But, there doesn't seem any way to make clicking the button mandatory.  I thought that if I put it before a continue block and force the learner to complete all the blocks above, that that might work, but the continue block doesn't force you to complete a button block, which is super frustrating.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks so much for your help.


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