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Hi there, 

I love using Rise but one thing that does frustrate me is not having bullets and numbers in anything but the main page. Does anyone else feel the same? 

We have daily cases where we need to put bullets or numbers into processes, timelines, tabs, and accordions but don't have the ability to do so. We're trying to fake it, but it doesn't look good. I have requested this feature but haven't had any word on the status.

Can someone give me an update? It would make my day to know lists are coming soon! 


Elizabeth :) 

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Michelle Allan

Hi Adam,

Is there any news on adding proper bullet formatting to processes, timelines, tabs, accordions etc? We've started building courses in Rise and this is a real sore point that crops up all the time. Proper bullet indents are super important for a good student experience so this is very frustrating for our team.


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Agreed Mich - My team keep asking why they can't do this. Seems a fundamental thing we should be able to do. We have tried adding Alt Code which works ok for bullet shapes but the Alt Code (Alt+ 09) for a tab indent is immediately removed by Rise so there doesn't seem to be a workaround for it either. 

Looking forward to some further advice on this issue. 

Cheers - Elizabeth 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there! You've got some interesting ideas, and I'm curious to know more. Let's tackle these one at a time:

Numbered Lists 

Are you looking to add a numbered list to a tabs interaction that looks like the Numbered List block type, shown below?

Although the formatting is a bit different, you can add numbering to a Rise Tabs interaction by simply highlighting the text and clicking the Ordered List button. Let me know if that's what you had in mind!


There isn't an option to add buttons inside a Tabs interaction, but I can see how that might be handy. Can you tell me more about how you would use them? What would you link to the buttons--another Rise lesson, a resource, or something else?

Bri Ziganti

1. Yes, we want the numbered list specifically. We know you can create a different numbered list by highlighting the text, but we prefer the look of the actual numbered list element, as it emphasizes important information.

There are other components we'd love to incorporate within tabs, like buttons, in order to provide additional reference material for each tab panel.

We have found that tabs lend themselves to lessons where we want to compare things, such as when we show users how to look up the same information using several different methods. Users can quickly go back and forth between methods in order to compare them. Because we're trying to keep these lessons small, we like to provide additional materials outside the course, such as videos, online help pages, etc., that the user can go to if they need more help. We don't want to inundate them with information they may not need, hence, buttons would be useful there. Yes, we know we can have a regular link, but again, the visual impact is not the same and it's nice to be able to name and describe the button so people really understand why they might want to click on something.

We would also want to use buttons to link to other lessons within the course. Tabs are an extremely useful way to separate similar ideas, so we're looking to use them to the best of our ability.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Old or not, we're still here Dennis! 

The current options for a list are the numbered or bulleted lists, and within the numbered list you'll see the sub-bullets will pick up with a, b, c ordering. We're always interested in what else you need for your course design so let us know here, or share as a feature request!