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Mar 02, 2017

Hi there, 

I love using Rise but one thing that does frustrate me is not having bullets and numbers in anything but the main page. Does anyone else feel the same? 

We have daily cases where we need to put bullets or numbers into processes, timelines, tabs, and accordions but don't have the ability to do so. We're trying to fake it, but it doesn't look good. I have requested this feature but haven't had any word on the status.

Can someone give me an update? It would make my day to know lists are coming soon! 


Elizabeth :) 

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Paul Tottle

This seems really trivial, but I keep getting comments from my users. Square bullets look awesome - they stand out without being too dominant. However... users want to know why they are tick-able. Occasionally I'll say, 'tick the boxes that are relevant to you'. Most of the time its just a bullet list, because square bullets look best. So another square non-tickable bullet type - would be really good.

Teresa Vanderpost

I am just trying to add a bullet list in a text box in RISE, and the feature looks like it is there, but when I select it nothing happens, same with numbered list.  Do I have to do it a specific way?

Should be a quick task for me to move on and it is frustrating :)

Thanks for any help on this.

So an update I just tried doing the bullets with a note block and it works, but wouldn't work with the sub heading and paragraph block...hmmmm...second image attached.

Paul Tottle

Hi Teresa

A couple of ideas:

Sometimes refreshing the page works. I think the underlying code gets corrupted in the browser. That frequently happens to me. Or add another text block and type the text in again...

There are 2 ways to add bullets in a text block - select text and choose, or create a new line and use the plus icon that appears on the left