Multilingual module - RISE

Aug 19, 2019

Hello everyone !

I need to create a module with Rise in 10 languages. All the 10 languages need to be executed form a language selection page.

Does anyone have any idea how to create this language selection page ?

Thank you !

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David Tait

Hi Monika,

I don't think what you want to achieve can be done in Rise.

I think the biggest issue you will face in bundling all 10 languages in to a single course is recording completion of the course. If you wanted each langauge variant to have an assessment at the end for example, then you'd be stuck if you wanted the LMS to read the completion status from it.

Another important consideration is the base language of Rise's text labels. Even if you could select a version of the course in French, the labels would still appear in the base language.

It would make a pretty cool feature in Rise if we were able to create a langauge selection page but in terms of reducing the amount of development work, I think it would be minimal, after all, the creation of each language variant is a manual task so it doesn't really matter whether you create one huge course or 10 smaller ones.

From a practical POV, the filesize of the course could become quite large too.

Deb Simonson

Hello,  With the increasing global nature of e-learning for our audiences, I think Articulate should revisit adding a multi-language selector in a Rise course.  in my situation, we will have to assign each individual course to each learner because we don't know which language they prefer.  That will be very clunky and possibly confusing to the learner to have multiple courses assigned but only need to complete one.  Thank you for the consideration.