My Rise Wish List

Oct 17, 2017

The following is my wish list for Rise! Having used it extensively over the past few months, I still love many of the features, flow, appearance...but I am also frustrated with Rise and Articulate. The following wish list items were developed as I was working on a project and include both fixes and new features, but are NOT in priority order (no time!). Note: Some of the items listed below may have been addressed since I started keeping my running wish list - I removed/modified some but may have missed a few.

Since we cannot see what is actually on Articulate's project plan list and timeline and only get occasional "clues" in staff posts about when we might see changes, user priorities do not seem to match up. As a former programmer, I do understand some requests are simple and some are very difficult, but some of the basic limitations (i.e., lack of real formatted bullets and ability to move blocks and groups of blocks between lessons and courses) are so severe and WASTE SO MUCH TIME it is often difficult to justify using Rise. Many of the fixes listed below are simple (and honestly should have been caught in QA before Rise was first released). With a hosted environment, simple fixes should be developed, tested, and deployed quickly.

I strongly encourage Articulate to publish a list of planned fixes and timelines and create a better system to allow users to provide feedback on USER priorities. Until that happens, I would encourage users who agree with my suggestions to post their support/+1 for the items below! I recommend using letter/number (e.g., A. 5) format to reference each specific item below. Or propose other additions/fixes in this discussion or directly to Articulate (don't be shy!).


  1. ADD: Ability to set alternate author and photo (as most course content created by a subject matter expert and implemented by the Rise user).
  2. ADD: Hide author: setting to turn off by default on all new lessons added (best if set at the user level, not course level, but that would be a start).
  3. ADD: Allow adding multiple "authors" so SMEs can be displayed as the author of the course. I previously submitted a mockup for this capability.
  4. ADD: Allow setting user's default background and text color, size, top/bottom padding, line spacing etc. for each text type (heading, subheading, etc.) - will save a lot of time changing from the Articulate defaults! 
    USE CASE: Our color standard for Headings is #2d4688 - text will always be ffffff - we have to manually change the text colors EVERY TIME WE USE A HEADING BLOCK!
  5. ADD: Ability to save a named default course settings (named settings could  be shared with a team so they can use/duplicate ) - each newly created course would have the applied user default settings, but still allow user to change) - example: set logo, cover photo, block top/bottom margins. 
    USE CASE: 5 clients each with different settings - load/apply saved/named course settings to be the default while working on the client’s project.
  6. ADD: Ability to revert user’s default Rise course settings to "factory settings" (i.e., remove custom settings).
  7. ADD: Ability to set a header that appears on all pages in a course.
  8. ADD: Ability to set a footer (with formatting) that appears on all pages in course (e.g., copyright statement, notification, company name, etc.).

    Perhaps allow creation of a block/group of blocks or even a "lesson" that will be designated as header/footer to appear on every page (obviously space could be a problem, but let the user decide how THEY want to use this feature rather than limit them!).


  1. ADD: Allow creation of sub-folders
  2. FIX: Allow setting a default folder/sub-folder so Rise does not default to "ALL" courses each time the user returns to Rise (this makes NO sense after placing courses in folders!). While it doesn't fix the issue, placing ALL "folder" at the end of the list would help...
  3. FIX: Save course view (tile or list view) sort settings until reset or cleared by the user.
  4. ADD: Documentation of courses including (a) export to Word or PDF, (b) export of all lesson course settings, (3) export transcript (for voice-over and closed captioning). Best to include everything and let user decide what they need or do not need.
  5. ADD: Ability to add, edit, delete tags/classifications for each course and each lesson (which can be used to search/filter/sort).
  6. ADD: Ability to search for a course (using course/lesson name, course/lesson content text and type e.g., type of block used, and tags/classifications/keywords).
  7. ADD:  Show an estimated time to complete each course and each lesson (would appear in the Course Details page); ideally, have a total estimated time field that shows at bottom of Course Details that sums each lesson’s estimated time to complete).
  8. ADD: Ability to provide brief information about the lesson that displays or is revealed through an icon (tooltip).
  9. ADD: Option to display lessons as  tiles rather than list (Details list text font is TOO SMALL); the tile could include image, & text - or an image with a URL path (e.g., create a set of tiles which display each available lesson - clicking on a tile, takes the user to the specified URL or lesson)
    ADD: Ability to provide a brief description that learner can display/hide for the course and each lesson (also see Tooltip suggestion as a method to implement this).

My Course (or Lesson)
▼ My Course (or lesson)
This course (or lesson) discusses why you should... 

EXAMPLE 2 (use tooltips): 
* Provide a tooltip with course information when the user hovers over an icon (e.g., "i" "?" "︎" - see the Articulate 360 Teams Plan page - we need THAT tooltip in Rise! )
* Give access to all of the 26 existing icons that are already available (in pre-built lesson: or better yet, choose from bootstrap glyph icons or other icon library


  1. ADD: Ability to drag/drop blocks up and down (the current up/down arrows are way too slow/cumbersome) - already available in the lesson details and many items/elements within blocks.
  2. ADD: Ability to group/ungroup individual blocks into a new block type (user-defined/named) - need to be able to access user-defined blocks to insert wherever needed; grouped blocks could be moved together as a group rather than individual block components!
  3. ADD: Ability to move blocks and user-defined block groups between lessons and courses.
  4. ADD: Ability to name group blocks.
  5. ADD: Ability to duplicate group blocks.
  6. ADD: Ability to store and share predefined, named group blocks (with teams or other users)
    USE CASE:  freelancer sends block/block group to hiring company so they have for future use.
  7. ADD: Allow edit of predefined group blocks and choose whether to apply to all existing block use or only new group blocks inserted in the future.
  8. ADD: Team - allow Group Block update across all projects using the named group block (show list of affected courses/lessons and let the user select with checkbox whether to update or not update - may need additional security to prevent updates of certain courses, e.g., through a course setting).
  9. ADD: Ability to add more than one image (e.g., to an accordion, flash card, text block, etc.)
  10. ADD: Ability to add additional content (e.g., flash cards) to other types of content (e.g., inside accordion - this would allow grouping and showing/hiding flash cards, images, etc.).
  11. ADD: Ability to hide a block (or better yet, ability to conditionally show the block if something happens such as completed previous lesson or answered a question in a certain way)


  1. ADD: If the user is on a block's Settings and the selects another block, keep the Content/Settings window open and show the Settings for the selected block (rather than jumping to Content on the newly selected block).
  2. ADD: Allow use of up/down arrows to move between blocks (keeping whichever was open - Content or Settings - displayed for the next block)


  1. ADD: Ability to hide a lesson (or better, ability to conditionally show if something happens such as completed previous lesson or answered a question in a certain way).
  2. ADD: Ability to change the font size and line spacing in the course lesson listing (currently font is too small with too much space between each lesson) - allow this to be set in Course Settings
  3. ADD: Ability to show lessons as tiles (new) or list (current) - each lesson would appear as a tile - a visual card with image/short description (much like the course can appear in My Courses). 


  1. ADD: Add ability to resize/control line spacing (line spacing does not currently adjust when reducing font size)
  2. FIX: Bullets/numbering are not subject to color formatting (e.g., if I want the text to be yellow, I want the bullets to be yellow - or I want to be able to control the color for these)
  3. FIX: Bullets/numbering are not subject to size formatting (e.g, increase font size, bullets/numbering stays small)
  4. FIX: Formatted bullets do not align properly (they are not true bullets with hanging indent - appears to be a CSS issue)
  5. ADD: Need "HTML Reveal Code" option - formatting gets set and it is hard to correct (especially bullets/number); add an HTML button to the editor!
  6. ADD: Ability to adjust size and color of bullets/icons (current formatting of "bullets" does not set the color - e.g., color text yellow, bullet remains black); this is especially problematic over images.
  7. ADD: Ability to add shadowing to create better contrast.
  8. FIX: Add button to paste formatted text, e.g., retain Word formatting. 
    USE CASE: Table in Word and want the table to be pasted into a text block).
  9. ADD: Ability for user select the bullet icon (e.g., use the 26 icons currently available in labeled graphic, or preferably larger number from glyph/bootstrap icons, let the user define an icon graphic).
  10. ADD: Ability to add tooltips to text or embedded icon.
  11. ADD: Ability to have text, hyperlinks, and images in a tooltip - applied to text or an icon (see: ).


  1. ADD: Ability to have two column lists ( but still responsive ).
  2. ADD: Adjust the vertical and horizontal spacing between bullets (10 - XX pts)
  3. ADD: Ability to pick from wider array of icon options (e.g., glyphs, etc.)
  4. ADD: Ability to resize bullet icons (whether text format-based or bulleted list)
  5. ADD: Ability to set two colors to create a banded grid (e.g., Background color hex: #ffffff; Background Banded hex: #ececec); we have done this manually but it would be better if we could set the option and if we add a button later it would automatically adjust the background banded colors.
  6. ADD: Ability to insert a new list item at a specific location in the existing list (rather than only [ADD ITEM] button at bottom and then having to drag up); Add + icon between each existing list items (like when adding a new block) so we can add a new item at a specific location (and then Rise should auto-renumber if a numbered list)
  7. ADD: Ability to create a responsive 2-column bulleted/checkbox list (similar to 2-column Text block).


  1. FIX: Bullets are too small and too far from text
  2. ADD: Ability to pick from wider array of icons (e.g., glyphs) Examples: ❖


  1. FIX: Auto-number no longer works properly if you add a bullet in the middle of existing list (now have to edit the numbers manually).


  1. ADD: Allow user to add Content text within the attachment block for (e.g., instructions, required software, etc.) - this is basically adding the ability to customize the attachment block
  2. ADD: Allow renaming the attachment file after upload


  1. FIX: You cannot actually edit the existing embedded iframe code - the "Change" link actually wipes out the existing embed/url code (so you cannot edit). However, if you hit the X to abandon the change before typing/pasting anything, the original embed/url code will appear so you can copy/edit/paste as needed. Not a great solution but it does work.


  1. FIX: Need the ability to search content images by filename (e.g., previously used an image in a lesson and wanted to add the same image to another lesson, currently, the user cannot search by the filename which is visible in the first lesson…the user has to try to find it using the same previous search term, if the remember what I used to find it)
  2. ADD: User and Team Content Libraries - ability to upload images to the user’s or team’s own content library so each time they want to use a standard graphic element, it is easy to find
  3. ADD: Ability to mark favorites from Rise Content Library
    ADD: Ability to add images from Rise Content Library to User and Team Content Libraries


  1. ADD: Ability to edit prebuilt lessons (e.g., timeline, labeled graphic, etc.) to add user theme/formatting (and save their customized lesson).
  2. ADD: Allow the user to create, edit, delete, save, and share user-defined pre-built, customized ‘PRE-BUILT" lessons and blocks - add to a User and Team library of pre-built/pre-formatted lessons or blocks
  3. ADD: Ability for the user to add other block and elements to pre-built lessons
  4. FIX: Spacing at bottom of pre-built labeled graphic is too much and does not properly display on iOS devices (need to allow the user to adjust top/bottom padding -  everything should be exposed, so the user can modify/tweak for their needs)
  5. FIX: Modify Process lesson - not clear navigation options (left/right versus bottom like other lessons; need options/directions on how this should work); give author option to display a skip completion so the learner can move on if they don’t want to complete the activity.
  6. ADD: For SORTING ACTIVITY - show the number of cards/percentage done so learners have an idea how many are left (like steps in process lesson) Example: 10 of 20 completed (50%)


  1. ADD: Grid system, snap to grid
  2. ADD: Ability to align multiple icons vertical/horizontal 
    USE CASE: Needed to line up two columns of icons - I added small dots in line on the image in Photoshop and placed the icon over each dot - but still could not align properly - cannot make bigger dots because they might appear as the image is resized for different devices.


  1. FIX: You cannot edit the embedded iframe code - you have one option - DELETE (there is no edit)


  1. ADD: Ability to specify size of the image (min/max) (e.g., User wants one image to be displayed at the size of a two-image grid not full screen or as wide a single
  2. ADD: Ability to set focal point (i.e., what photo should remain visible regardless of device type and screen size)
  3. ADD: Ability to embed an image in paragraph text


  1. ADD: Full-text formatting and control of text width, line spacing, etc. (see Text Font/Formatting suggestions)


  1. ADD: Option to add a second background color to make a banded grid e.g., Background color hex: #ffffff Background banded hex: #ececec (need to auto adjust for responsive display)
  2. ADD: Individual image settings to set size and zoom (e.g., want to let the learner enlarge one image but not the other in a Gallery: two column grid.)
  3. ADD: Ability to add gallery image item between existing images by selecting a + symbol (rather than having to add at the bottom and dragging it up the proper location in the list)
  4. ADD: Ability to set minimum/maximum number (or size) of images to display in a row (e.g., 2-card grid, 3-card grid, 4-card grid). This will help prevent them from appearing too small. Obviously, still needs to mobile responsive.
  5. ADD: Add ability to easily create an image grid by selecting images from a User or Team Content Library (e.g., checkboxes, multi-select, etc.)
  6. FIX: The process to delete an image is inconsistent compared to other blocks (there is no trashcan icon, the user must click on edit and then select "Delete" from the menu)


  1. ADD: Ability to change alignment image/media
  2. FIX: Ability to add caption to image/media
  3. ADD: Ability to add more than one image/media per accordion panel (OR BETTER YET - ADD an option to collapse/expand all blocks and the need for the accordion is lessened)
  4. ADD: Better bullet formatting within the accordion (see Text Fonts/Formatting suggestions)


  1. FIX: Tabs height needs to be fixed at the height of the largest tab - currently, if you have less/more text in one tab, the bottom jumps up and down as you move through each tab. Alternatively, give the course Author the option of fixed height or auto-sizing tabs (e.g., in Settings)


  1. ADD: Ability to import or paste flash card content in bulk (e.g, CSV, Excel) - text-only cards would be the first priority with image-based cards seconda. Example file format: CardNumber, CardFrontType, CardFrontText, CardBackType, CardBackText 
    (see for example of pasting text/columns)
  2. ADD: Option to add a second background color to make a banded grid (e.g., Background color hex: #ffffff Background banded hex: #ecececn (need to auto adjust for responsive display)
  3. ADD: Ability to set maximum number of cards in a row (e.g., 2-card grid, 3-card grid, 4-card grid) 
    USE CASE: this would allow bigger cards to be shown with less need for scrolling (learners may not understand how to make scroll bar display - on some devices (e.g., iOS) the text at the bottom does not become fuzzy to indicate more - just abruptly stops)
  4. ADD: An automatic "MORE…" on flash card if all text cannot all be displayed or show scroll bar as visual prompt that there is more text (rather than requiring user to move the text before scrollbar shows)
  5. ADD: Ability to add a new flash card at the current location (rather than adding at bottom and having to drag up to correct location) - e.g., show a + icon between each item (like Details or between blocks)
  6. ADD: Ability to set minimum or maximum size of flash card/flash card grid (similar to 2, 3, 4 image gallery)


  1. FIX: Problem with pasting fonts;
  2. ADD: Ability to align text top, middle, bottom (currently only middle available)
  3. ADD: HTML Editor within the Front/Back of each card - allow combination of image and text


  1. ADD: Ability to add a second background color to make a banded grid of buttons e.g., Background color hex: #ffffff Background banded hex: #ececec (needs to auto adjust for responsive display)


  1. ADD: Provide a user-created and maintained content library that provides access to all images and customized blocks/lessons in the User’s courses (so no need to find/upload every time) or the Team’s
  2. ADD: Ability to insert image from User or Team Image Library (i.e., part of the Edit menu that is displayed)
  3. ADD: Ability to replace an image and OPTIONALLY have all projects be updated (i.e., all point to the same stored file path, when updated, the course all display the new image - example: company logo" has changed
  4. ADD: Allow user to duplicate an uploaded image (so it doesn’t get updated as above)
  5. ADD: Ability to bulk upload images to User and Team Image library
  6. ADD: Allow creation of user/team content library with access to user-created content blocks, etc. in a course or an account (i.e., already created rather than recreating each time needed).


  1. FIX: The "Show Metadata is woefully inadequate. Need to be able to customize including add text, images, etc. to override the embedded content’s metadata; need to be able to customize colors, layout, etc. including adding other types of blocks (e.g., text paragraph, heading, etc.).
  2. ADD: Ability to actually embed and display content in a "content block" (e.g., PDF, doc/docx, ppt, xls, xlsx, text) - see competitor's example:


  1. ADD: Ability to provide closed captions to video/audio content.
  2. ADD: Keyboard navigation and other accessibility capabilities
120 Replies
Donna Cobbs

Great list...thank you!!!  I would also like to add, I create demos on Storyline and Publish to Review 360 to upload to Rise.   I have done several courses using the same format, the same cover and the course I am working on now the cover does not show up until you click an arrow.   I want to see my cover sheet, not a blank black screen with an arrow.


Thank you



Sarah Bezanson

This is such an excellent and detailed list of developments that would make Rise a better and more useful and accessible option. It's concerning that the accessibility pieces in particular are still unaddressed around basics like captioning, default font sizing, and colour contrast. Is Rise still on track as was announced in a different thread to make this tool accessible and compliant by the end of this year?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Sarah! Thanks for asking. While Rise 360 isn't WCAG 2.1 compliant yet, we're working hard to reach that goal!

We put together a journal where you can find all the details on the features we’ve enhanced in Rise 360 as we work towards WCAG 2.1 compliance. And we’ll keep this journal updated as we continue our accessibility journey.

Click it out here ➡️ Rise 360: Our Accessibility Journey

Frederick Bergeron

This is an amazing list of things to add/change to Rise to make our life much easier. I'm a little bit sad that this message is 3 years old and most of those have not been implemented yet... Any reasons why? A lot of those suggestions seems like they could have been easily fixed on a 3 year deadline... 

Anyway, I just want to say that I second all items listed in that 3 years old list and hoping we can see some of those in the upcoming months.

Rory Sacks

Agreed. Also, some big fixes that are needed that would be great. Competitively there are products out there that allow direct LTI/API integration so we don't have to keep uploading SCORM. Since Rise is a web-based authoring tool, it would be great to see the ability to create an API link right from the source and plug it into the LMS allowing us to live update content without having to override SCORM (which is so outdated anyway) in the LMS. Having to do so usually comes with a bunch of headaches when it comes to tracking learner completion and quiz grades.

Alyssa Gomez

Hello everyone! I’m happy to share our Rise 360 Accessibility Collection, which includes the VPAT to describe how Rise 360 conforms to WCAG 2.1 Level AA criteria.

We also updated our roadmap to include Rise 360 features we’re continuing to develop to better support WCAG.

Let me know your questions and experiences building accessible courses for all!

Alison Hass

It's a great post when it's still generating comments 3 years later! I'd love an option to customize the placement of the image/text in the image + text block (i.e. image on left OR image on right). Similarly, I'd love to customize whether the image comes above or below text in an accordion, tabs, or process interaction. Unless maybe these options exist and I'm not aware how to change the default?

Rhonda McCullough

Amen! I am so frustrated with not being able to copy elements across pages. For example I decided to change the placement of an activity from one lesson to another and I couldn't find any way to do it but to build it in Storyline and then insert it. I would like to be able to copy and then paste it into the lesson I need it. 

Also, I would LOVE to be able to click on an image and get a name for it. When I had to rebuild a page I wanted the image I used on another page but couldn't find the name of it or the image again without going through the long process of searching for it.   

Thank you :)

Jeff Forrer


At a minimum being able to customize a Button or Button stack  (color, placement, background, size, font etc.)  Creating internal menu structures are what these are really helpful for but are extremely limited.  If other objects could allow for navigation it would open up a world of opportunities for design.

For example using an image or text or even a hotspot to be put on screen anywhere, to be able to navigate to another place in the course.  The only way I have figured out how to do this is to use a Storyline block and then use that to navigate to the Rise lesson URLs, but those URLs change.