Navigate from a content menu to the learning steps and back. Does that work in the LMS?

Hi all,

I am setting up a project that consists of about 5 or 6 learning steps. Now I would like to set up a project content menu where the learner sees the whole learning and from where he/she can navigate to the different learning steps.

Here's the draft of the content menu step ...
CM-00 - Smart Home & KNX in 2nd Block "Inhalte des Lehrgangs" I'd like to use a labeled graphic, from where the learner can click and jump to the respective step.

And here a link to the first learning step ...
CM-01 - Smart Home & KNX / Begriffe und Anwendungen
... from the last block "Zurück zur Übersicht" the learner can jump back to the content menu.

Now my questions:

  • Do you think, that's a good way to present a course or would you choose a different approach?
  • In Rise it's very easy to connect the learning steps to the content menu by just embedding the links. But how does that work, once I have exported the Rise steps to SCORM? Will the embedded links also be active once the steps are in SCORM and uploaded to our LMS? 

I hope to be clear and thank you in advance for your help.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Roland!  Thanks for thoughtfully describing your goals here.  That'll help us to help you!

I'll leave it to the experts in e-learning design to comment on whether your approach is "good."  I like the way you want learners to interact with an objectives menu, so I hope you can move forward with that idea!

One recommendation I'd make:  Instead of using the labeled graphic block with hyperlinks to other lessons, I'd use a button stack, or a combination of the two block types.  Button stacks make it easy to navigate to other lessons without using hyperlinks.  This way is better for an LMS as well. Once you export your course and upload it to the LMS server, those hyperlinks won't be valid anymore.

Opening up the floor for more good feedback for Roland! 👏

Roland Straub

Hi Crystal

Thank you heaps for your reply. I'll definitely take "button stack" into consideration. Had that in mind too, but I like how a labeled graphic could a bit better show the learner the context of the step to the whole subject.

It's a Smart Home course and button 1 at the bottom of the house, would lead learners to the basics, while I'd set button 2 - step "KNX Bus system" - near to a line in the house so learners see the step context to where a Bus system is used in the house. 

Open to more great feedback from the community, I wish you all a great weekend.

Roland Straub

Hello, again Crystal,

I forgot to ask about the behavior of, may it be hyperlinks in a labeled graphic or in a button stack, once the steps have been uploaded as SCORM to our LMS.

Will it be possible I set a button at the end of each step, that brings the learner back to the content, even once everything had been uploaded to the LMS? 

I can test it myself, I know. But if I can take advantage of already existing experiences, all the better.

Regards Roland