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I have a course built in RISE that we (myself and SME team) update frequently.  The actual course that is published and in our LMS has a Navigation set to RESTRICTED as we have quizzes in the RISE and we want the learner to progress in order.

As we make edits in RISE and proof the updated sections, I would like to change the navigation to FREE.  So that myself and my SME do not need to take all the quizzes.

I thought I could simply switch the Navigation setting to FREE and then share with my SME - but we still can not navigate around in the RISE course.  It is forcing us to take all quizzes.

What am I missing here?

Thank you in advance.


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Heather Lord

Thank you both for responding.

I did republish (NOT a stupid question, IMO)

I did NOT upload into the LMS, as I just want the SME to review before I put in the LMS.  AND when I put in the LMS I need to change navigation back to restricted.

I simply changed navigation to free, re-published, and went to SHARE and copied the link and pasted in an email to my SME.

My intent is for it to be FREE for my SME, so she does not need to take the quizzes to check the updates we made.

Renz Sevilla

Hi Heather! Thanks for letting me know what you've already tried.

If you've republished and created a new share link, let's make sure you're viewing the latest version.

Can you try clearing your browsing data? Here's how to do it for your browser:

If that doesn't help, could you please send us a copy of your course by submitting a case here so we can take a look?

Robert Loverin


Was this resolved? I have the same situation where navigation is "free" but you can't click the different topics on the side menu because the course is forcing the reviewer to take the quiz each time. 

Do we have to change the quiz settings for review, then change them back when we're ready to publish?

Lea Agato

Hi Robert! I'm sorry to hear that you encountered this issue. There is no need to change the quiz settings for Review.  Your courses need to be tested using the same settings as your published course.

Do you get the same behavior when you use a different browser to view your course? You can also try clearing your browser cache and see if that helps!