Need Best Practice RE: Rise/Storyline/LMS Deployment

Feb 09, 2021

I'm facing a situation that might be common to many of you:

  1. My client uses Absorb LMS.  Typically, courses are divided into chapters. Each chapter is a SCORM package.
  2. We are developing content using a Rise as the main SCORM package. In some cases we have a lot of rich content developed in Storyline (audio+animation / 10-20 slides) and embedded within a Rise SCORM package.

Question: I'm worried about embedding too many Storyline projects within a given Rise project. I'm concerned about memory management, etc. Would the best approach be to keep the Rise packages small, with perhaps one or two embedded Storyline slide shows in each one?  Or is it OK to add many Storyline courses to a Rise SCORM package?

Depending on the answer, I will either go with larger Rise chunks, or I will divide them up into multiple course chapters in our LMS.  Hope that makes sense!

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