NEW in Rise: Export for Translation

If you need to create courses in multiple languages, you’re going to love this new Rise feature. It allows you to export your course text to an XLIFF file* and then reimport it once it’s been translated. Like magic: all your text is replaced by the translated text. It’s that easy!

NEW in Rise: Export for Translation
*XLIFF files are a translation industry standard, so if you’re working with professional translators, then you shouldn’t have any issues. But what if the translations are being done by a fellow coworker or friend? No problem! If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find a ton of free tools that allow you to easily edit XLIFF files.


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Athletics Canada

Your team uses it, that doesn't make it standard. Wikipedia explains what it is if you are a tech person. None of the professional translators I've sent it to have known what to do with it. It used to be possible to do it via word file. I don't know why this feature can't just be continued. It's not great of Rise to tell clients what we need...instead they should listen to our requests. Lots of people in the discussion asking for a different option...

Tiffany Shogren

@Athletics Canada - I think there is a difference between professional translation companies and the professionals they employ that translate the content. It appears you may contact individuals directly rather than working with an organization. There are perks to using a company that stores your translation memory (TMX) and doesn't charge you for it in the future when text and/or phrases are repeated. I'm not negating your pain point; however, XLIFF is standard when working with translation tools (technology) rather than an individual.

Richard Sikes

Hello Athletics Canada,

XLIFF is _absolutely_ a standard, and it has been around for a number of years. It is widely used and supported by all the mainstream CAT tools.  If the translators that you use are not familiar with it, then you're using the wrong translators!

If you contact me directly, I can connect you with qualified freelancers or agencies who are familiar with XLIFF. 

Best regards from Toronto,
Richard Sikes
Head of Business Services, memoQ