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Lorne Lieb

Hi, thanks for responding. Does the matching question in Storyline 360 have the same limitation?

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Meghan McKay

Hey Alyssa: 

Can you please provide an update on the status of the requests for a colour change/outline to the matching question in Rise quizzes? I'm know Articulate gets a lot of feature requests, but I see that users have been requesting this for over two years (!!).  Something as simple as having a black outline around the shapes would help. Otherwise, this lovely question type is totally unsuable by developers (as learners can't see where the edges meet to drop their response). 

I would also add my votes to the additional requests for increasing character limits and changing the direction of drag and drop to match Storyline; however,  right now what we need to be able to use the question is to be able to see the outlines of the shapes. 


Daniel King

Hi All,

I created a couple matching questions. On testing, i received a feedback that the UX around the matching was hard to follow. Another user pointed out that it was challenging. I am wondering if there is a better way to design these matching questions. Are there any same instructions that have worked well? Can we color the text box or the outline? Or is there any other engagement elements we could use that is not a multiple choice/ multiple response or fill in the blank.

Thanks in advance.


Kylee Barnard

I would also like the matching questions to have more than a 90 character limit. I have trimmed down my definitions as much as I can without losing meaning, but I'm still a few characters over. I have considered embedding a Storyline Drag and Drop, but I want the look of my knowledge checks to be consistent throughout the training and I need them to be locked down for certification purposes. 

Dennis Hill


I first asked this question 3 years ago and it seems like its just not going to happen. Its a shame as I would have thought it was a very simple fix. I also would like to see the ability to have one extra field to have a non matching answer, otherwise the last match is a process of elimination.