No Score for Rise Course Published Using % of Course Completion

Feb 08, 2017

I've published a Rise course using SCORM 1.2, tracking using course completion (it doesn't have a quiz.) I set the "percentage of the course a learner must finish to mark as completed" to 75% because they just need to view most of it. I uploaded the course to our Moodle site, and tested it. The course is marked as Passed, however, the score is still 0. I tested on SCORM Cloud with the same results (Passed but unknown score). 

Is this functioning as designed?

Or is there any way to assign a score of 100% upon successful completion? It's very confusing to a learner to see "Passed" but the score is 0. Thank you for any insight you have!!

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Justin Grenier

Hi, Angie!

Much like Storyline and Studio, Rise will allow you to track a course by course completion or by quiz result, but not both.  If you track by course completion, Rise will avoid sending any score, and SCORM Cloud properly records the score as unknown.  We have a couple of Moodle experts in our community (Dan actually built Moodle's SCORM component), and one of them may know if there is a way to stop Moodle from recording a zero score when no score is sent.

Thanks for trying Rise!

Angie Johnson

Thank you for the quick reply Justin!

You gave a great explanation of the two different ways that a course is tracked and I understand the logic behind it, so thank you for that! We would love the ability to assign a grade when tracking by course completion, for instance 100% if they completed the required amount of the course. I'll submit a feature request and state my case for it! :)

Thanks again!!

Anja Kisman

The LMS Talentsoft we use requires a total completion, succes score in addition to a 100% score 

How can I get the score at 100% of a Rise course. The LMS demands all 3; complete, passed and 100% score

I exported the course (without quiz) as scorm 1.2 with completion 100% reporting passed/incomplete and added an exit link.

Testing in the scormcloud now provides:
Completion - complete
Succes - passed
Score - unknown (this needs to be 100%)
Any help much appreciated for informing me how to get this done.