Numbered Dividers

Aug 23, 2017

Is there not a way to change the number of a numbered divider or to "trick" it into restarting with 1 again on the same page? I want to have multiple sets of these within one page, so say three sets of 1-5, but can only currently get it to do 1-15.

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Matthew Uhrich

+1 for this from me as well - I love RISE but the limitations are sometimes tough to deal with, this is one of those small annoying ones where the numbered dividers look great but I'll have to use a different solution that won't look as good.  I'm trying to have numbers continue from lesson to lesson in a single course. 

Global Education Center

+1 for this as well. Seems it's in demand . . .

I ended up doing as someone suggested using a replicated version saved as an image. What I then did which I found super helpful was to create a Block Template with each number so I don't have to insert an image > find the image > upload the image. It saved me a few clicks,