Possibility to access all Rise content of the Articulate 360 Team

Hello team,

We have an Articulate 360 Team subsription with many seats.

Is there any possibility to have a full access to all the Rise content created by all the team members under this licence (like a "super administrator") ?

I would like to control all modules created by team members.



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Dan Jeffries

Hi Alyssa 

Whilst this would be great what we really need is for Admins or Managers to have blanket access to all lessons, regardless of whether they are shared or not.

If a colleague is off sick and I need to make an amendment and export, I can't - unless they've remembered to share it. Admins should have total access to all lessons. 

Jean-Pascal Mulot

Hi Dan,

You are exactly right! As admin, I would like to control and manage all the contents.
I think the best way should be, as admin, to be the only one to create all the contents of my group and then, add them as collaborators...
This is a process to set up at the project team level.

Thank you to all for your answers.