Problem uploading Rise course to LMS with web object

Jan 10, 2023


I created a storyline file and inserted a web object. Then I published that file to 360 and inserted it as a block to my Rise course. When I preview the course in Rise and Storyline - everything works fine. When I export my Rise course and try to upload to my LMS (MyLearning) - the upload fails. When I remove the Storyline block - the course uploads fine.

Any ideas on why my Rise course won't upload with a storyline block/web object?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Christopher. Are you still stuck here? I have a couple recommendations:

  • Try uploading your SCORM package that includes the Storyline web object in a testing environment, like SCORM Cloud. It will help to determine if the issue is with your course or with the LMS environment.
  • If you experience the same trouble in SCORM Cloud, please share your content with us privately by clicking here. We'll be happy to help!