Problem with URL/ iFrame or embedded web content.

Jul 02, 2018

Hi there

I am having a problem embedding an iFrame or a URL in a Rise course.

I am in the process of creating an induction course for new starters to our company. As part of the induction process, the new starter has to complete one compliance course every day for four days. They start in Rise and go through the content for the day, and then they finish off with a Storyline course, which is hosted on our LMS (Moodle).

The Rise course is also hosted on the LMS.


My problem is that when I add the URL or iFrame for the course in question, Rise is changing the URL and redirecting the learner to the LMS login screen. I have checked that the URL starts with https and not http.  I really need the URL to remain unchanged so that the learner can simply continue with the compliance training without having to log out and log back in since that causes problems with SCORM feedback.


Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated!



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Marcia Kitshoff

Hi Tom

I am linking to a course page on our company training site, which does require a login. However, the learner will already be logged in when they use the Rise course, so they literally just need to be directed to the specific course page.

Directing them to the login page will force them to have to log out and log back in, and then manually try to find the correct course page. Bearing in mind that these are new recruits, that is not going to work.

I agree that Rise shouldn't change the URL, but in this case, it does. I have added screenshots indicating the URL I add, and the URL Rise saves.

Is there any way that I can save the actual URL I enter, and not have it changed to the Login page?



Marcia Kitshoff

Thanks Tom.

This behaviour makes very little sense to me, since I am 99.9% sure that others will be faced with the same issue.

However, I believe that I have found a workaround to the problem: by inserting the URL in a button block. I have only tested this in preview, not in the published output, and it worked perfectly. I will test in a published version also, but for the moment I believe that my immediate issue is resolved.

Thanks for the feedback and swift response!
Best regards

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