Quiz data from multiple Rise quizzes and Cornerstone LMS

Feb 10, 2021

Does anyone using know if Cornerstone on Demand captures more of the quiz responses than the ones in the designated "tracking quiz?"

From this article:

If my course has more than one quiz, can I see responses for all of them in my LMS?

While only one quiz can be used for tracking, the Rise 360 course does send all quiz data to your LMS. Whether or not you have access to that data depends on your LMS provider.


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Will Findlay

It appears that CSOD (Cornerstone on Demand) does collect the responses for the quizzes in addition to that one that determines completion of the course. (Using SCORM 2004, 3rd edition)

To test I created a Rise course with 3 quizzes, and I based completion on the second quiz. Then I took the course and answered all three quizzes. When I ran a SCORM 2004 report in Cornerstone, I was able to see the responses/scores to all 3 quizzes.

Will Findlay

I performed another test where I changed the course completion criteria for the Rise course. I based completion of the module on viewing content (90% viewed) instead of passing a quiz. I wanted to see if the quiz data would still be reportable through Cornerstone. I was happy to find that you still can retrieve the quiz question answers even if no quiz is designated in the LMS settings.

I did notice that the Quiz Score value only displays if you base completion on a quiz. I'm guessing it also only indicates how the person scored on the designated quiz.