Quiz Locked Until Lessons Completed

Oct 31, 2018

A client is hoping to have the quiz "locked" by default (can't access it) until the learner has completed all of the content lessons. 

For some reason I had thought in one of my earlier experiences with Rise about a year ago, that there was the ability to have a quiz locked until the other lessons were completed. Am I remembering wrong? I can't seem to find that option now. 

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Mark. Happy to help, and your memory is spot-on! 🌟

Restricted navigation will ensure your learners complete each lesson in sequential order. So if you have a quiz in the second lesson, they won't be able to access it unless the first lesson is complete. 

Now, a Continue block can unlock loads of new possibilities for controlling learner progress if you have several blocks and a quiz at the end of a lesson! Just add this block right above your quiz, and then select either Complete the block directly above or Complete all blocks above from the Completion Type menu.

Here's an example of what both options could look like. Let me know what you think, as I'd love to continue this conversation!

Mark Banit

Thanks so much for the helpful reply and for providing the example Katie! 

Just wanted to confirm that there isn't currently an option for conditional restrictions, where some lessons are required to continue and others aren't, right? I think that would be a helpful option in case there was a lesson or two with introductory content that wasn't crucial for everyone to take so they could be optional, but then still have other specific lessons that are required to be completed before continuing on.

Katie Riggio

Sure thing, Mark, and I love that you're looking to provide various options for your learners!

From what I understand you want to include branching in the course. If that's right, check out the approaches offered in these related discussions:

Also, we're tracking feature requests to have a Branching Scenario block. I'll tag this conversation to the request's report, so we can let you know if there's any forward movement!

Hope that gives you some guidance. Keep me posted!

Christopher Guarraia

In Rise 360, I've used the Continue block on the page previous to a quiz with the setting of Complete all blocks above. However, I can still skip to the quiz. We want to have learners be able to freely navigate up to the quiz but only be able to take the quiz once they have gone through each page in whatever order they desire. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Christopher!

When a continue block is set to Complete all blocks above, it will not become active until the learner has interacted with these interactive blocks within the same lesson.

The best way to ensure learners view all lessons prior to taking a quiz is to enable restricted navigation. While learners will be required to view all lessons in order, you can be sure they visited every lesson before accessing the quiz.  

Karen Anderson


It would be helpful to have a "Complete All Lessons Above" option added to the Continue block.  That would make it possible to do what Christopher described, "We want to have learners be able to freely navigate up to the quiz but only be able to take the quiz once they have gone through each page in whatever order they desire."  How can I submit that suggestion?