Quote C Block - Image transparency

Mar 21, 2020

Hi there - I am using quote c block and replaced the image with one of ours. The image has a transparent background but the quote marks are still partially cut off. Is there another format of image I should use so the complete quotation marks are displayed?

Quotation marks hidden

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Kuriko A

Hi Terranova,

I agree this is extremely annoying and it's disappointing that the Articulate team have not addressed this issue, even though it was reported by another user a year before you reported it here (refer to this discussion). 

Since the cut off quotation marks look really silly, my preference is to remove the quotation mark image altogether. If you'd like to apply this as a workaround in the meantime, you can add the following CSS code to your output file (the index.html file) after you have published your Rise content. 

.block-quote--c .block-quote__figure:before {display: none;}

Hope this helps you! :)

Chris Roetzer

Oof, just posted on this yesterday in a separate thread. C'mon Articulate, this bug in this thread including the prior reference noted above is going on roughly 4 years.

I've grown increasingly disappointed with the lack of transparency with statuses of bug fixes and feature requests with us.

For example, not perfect, but Docebo's community enables users to see previously submitted ideas, in addition to your own, upvote others, and they display the status like "open", "doing", etc. I'm unsure if their community is a vended product or their own, but that's an example how to step it up for us.

I've decided to manipulate my png to layer in this "missing corner"-- a block shape filled F9F9F9 to match the screened quote such that the "missing corner" appears now. That's a wonky workaround...