Reach 360 ??

Apr 04, 2023

Reach 360 is suddenly on my dashboard. Will there be a webinar to let us understand what it really is? The video isn't specific. Sounds intriguing.

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Gren Foronda
Hi Magda!
Reach 360 is a lightweight distribution tool to deploy your e-learning content. It is meant to complement your existing LMS, which may not serve all the different learner groups in your organization like deskless workers, contractors, partners, and more. Unlike a traditional LMS, Reach 360 requires practically no implementation time, meaning you can get started in just a few days, not months. It’s a flexible, cost-effective add-on to your existing Articulate 360 Teams plan that enables your organization to reach more learners directly. You can learn more about Reach 360 by viewing the User Guide:
We don't have a webinar for Reach 360 at the moment, but we'll update the Webinars page once we release one:
You can start a trial of Reach 360 to take it for a test drive! Just click the Reach 360 tab on your Articulate 360 dashboard to request a trial.
Let me know if you have any further questions! 
Hazel Bartolome

Hi Bob!

Reach 360 is the first add-on to Articulate 360. It's purpose-built for our valued Articulate 360 customers and is the ideal solution for you, if you're an existing Articulate 360 customer.

You may have heard about and I want to note some key differences. is geared towards SMBs and for organizations without an LMS. It's an all-in-one solution to create, manage, and deliver training. However, only includes lightweight authoring options.

Reach 360 is our brand new product geared towards larger enterprises. It is for organizations who already have an LMS, but may not have a solution for deskless and external use cases. All authoring happens in the Articulate 360 environment, in Storyline 360 or Rise 360 and publishing is natively integrated into Reach 360 where admins can also manage and track learners and e-learning content. Reach 360 is the perfect complement to your LMS that empowers you to reach more learners. It's a flexible, scalable solution that integrates with existing L&D tech stacks.

Hope this helps!

Crystal Horn

Hey folks,

Thanks for asking! Reach 360 pricing is structured to meet your team's needs with flexible active learner pricing. We understand your team's training needs might be vary month to month and our pricing is designed to accommodate that. We'd love to talk to you one on one to discuss more. You can reach our sales team here. If you need any help with a trial or other technical support once you’re in Reach 360, let us know!

Kathryn Raybould

Are there plans to develop Reach 360 for course sales? Many of my clients are training companies and consultancies who sell training to customers rather than large organisations training their own staff. There are very few viable solutions for selling Rise courses at the moment. A native Articulate sales platform for publishing and selling Rise/Storyline courses would be most welcome. Teachable/Thinkific/Kajabi-type platforms do not support SCORM packages and corporate LMSes are not the right tool for the job. I am a big fan of Rise and wish I could offer it as a solution for this group of clients. Right now I can only offer it to companies training their own staff, and they generally already have an LMS. Looking forward to trialling Reach 360 to see what it can do compared with a traditional LMS.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kathryn. Reach 360 is a lightweight distribution tool for your e-learning content. It is not designed to be a selling platform for your courses.

It sounds like Julie has some ideas for you! Feel free to share back in the community if you find a solution that's helpful. We love to hear about creative practices.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kyle! I see your email to support on this issue, but I'm glad you asked here.

In order to manage the content in Reach 360, you'll need to be an Articulate 360 Team admin. This guide talks a bit more about user permissions. You've submitted your Rise 360 content for publishing in Reach 360.

So Kyle, when you view the Reach 360 account, you're seeing what's available to you as a learner. An admin will review and publish content that Articulate 360 authors submit. Until that happens, you won't see the content on your Learn page or in the library.

Crystal Horn

Great question. Yes! Learners will log into Reach 360 directly, either with their email and password, or with Google, depending on how they set up their account. They can complete the training entirely in Reach 360.

If you'd like to get completion information into an external system, like an LMS, I have good news! We will have a Reach 360 API available within the next couple of months. You will be able to use the Reach 360 API to integrate with your business apps like your HRIS or LMS.

Related to this, all analytics data can be exported via CSV file so you can integrate learner data with other reporting systems if desired.

Crystal Horn

To change roles in Reach 360, an admin on your Articulate 360 account would need to provide you admin permissions on the Articulate 360 team. Those permissions will sync automatically to Reach 360.

You can find out who your Articulate 360 Team admins are by clicking your avatar in, choosing Account, and clicking for Team Info:

360 profile page with arrow pointing to Team Info tab

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Victoria!

With Reach 360 you'll be able to track consumption and easily manage learners and content. We've heard it can be challenging to manage your e-learning, and without analytics, your team is creating content in the dark. Reach 360 is the simple way to level up your training strategy!

If that's not what you need, I recommend publishing your Rise 360 content for web, and hosting it on a web server of your choice. Then, you can distribute a link to your course with no need for learners to log in or create an account.

Miranda Manning

Hoping to find some clarification regarding Reach 360...

I'm working on a project where Storyline 360 is our authoring tool. I'm looking at using Reach 360 as our "host" platform for the training modules as we have many individuals who will need access to the training that are outside our organization and are not in the LMS. Here's the fine print: I'm a temporary employee of the organization. When the project is done, I'll move on to my next adventure with another organization. There is another group of individuals in the organization using Articulate 360.

Is there a function or transferability for the modules I create and publish to Reach to then reside with the other group so the organization continues to have reporting etc on the modules?


Crystal Horn

Hi Miranda! Yes, you can transfer your Storyline 360 and Rise 360 projects to another user on your Articulate 360 team.

With Storyline 360, you'll send them a copy of your .story file so that they can continue to update it. It's even easier with Rise 360: When the admin removes you from the team at the end of your tenure, they'll be able to choose who gets all of your content. This process is what admins will follow to transfer your content.

The new users will still be able to update that content by submitting it to Reach 360 again with any updates. Leaving the team will not impact the content in Reach 360.

Gren Foronda

Hi Molly!

The direct method of getting training to your learners is to enroll them in your training. See the article below for different ways of enrolling learners in your training:

However, instead of enrolling individual learners or groups in your training, you can also make your training discoverable by learners by turning on library visibility. When publishing a course or editing the course settings, you can set the Library visibility option to On, and add the course to multiple libraries.

library visibility

When learners click the Browse Library button, they will see the available courses in the libraries they are added to. They can choose which courses they'd like to view, and admins can track the results as well.

Let me know if you have additional questions or clarifications!