Reach 360 ??

Apr 04, 2023

Reach 360 is suddenly on my dashboard. Will there be a webinar to let us understand what it really is? The video isn't specific. Sounds intriguing.

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Kim Whiteside

I'm still not completely clear on what Reach is. Is it a content management system? A knowledge management system? A course repository or a curation platform? 

The purpose seems to be: a place to store courses outside of an LMS that also allows students to access and take the courses. This storage area will also generate learning analytics.

Is this correct? 

Steven Benassi

Hi Kim!

Happy to help explain more about Reach 360!

Reach 360 is our new product that is geared more toward larger enterprises. It's for organizations that already have an LMS, but may not have a solution for desk-less and external use cases.

All of the authoring happens in the Articulate 360 environment, in Storyline 360 or Rise 360 and publishing is natively integrated into Reach 360. Also, admins can manage, track, and analyze their learners' e-learning content!

Please let me know if you have any more questions!

Crystal Horn

Hi Molly,

Right - learners must register as users on your Reach 360 team. If you can't manually invite them, they can register themselves with a link that you generate in Reach 360 and make available at your discretion. At that point, they'll have access to your team's training.

Reach 360 is meant as a way for you to track training for folks who wouldn't be added to your LMS. If you don't need to track your open-access programming, no worries! You can still upload your Rise 360 and Storyline 360 content to a web server in addition to any LMS you use for reporting.

Tuuli Kurkipää

Reach sounds very interesting! How large audiences could we reach, is there any limit? In addition to restricted LMS courses we publish open content for thousands (and up to 100 000 learners in a single course). We cannot provide an LMS for them. Currently we have a WordPress site and a certification plugin.

Organizations would love to have their staff's performance data from us and the Reach APIs might work here. 

But... Is there any chance we could use Reach in Europe? I didn't find any specific info on GDPR compliance. Edit: I also contacted the Articulate privacy team to learn about this question. 

Christopher Santos

Hi Tuuli,

I see the case you submitted.  You'll receive a response soon from our team regarding your questions.

As for as using Reach 360 in Europe is concerned, you should be able to do so.   Since Reach 360 is part of the Articulate 360 suite of apps, it should also be covered by our current documentation.  Our privacy and security team should be able to elaborate more on this in their response.

Buck Bard

I've been consulting for years recommending and using the 360 suite, as well as recommending LMS solutions. This is a nice light LMS that will work well for customers that don't need to include other courses and such. If you only use Rise 360 or Storyline 360 you're pretty good. I may have a different opinion after I learn about the pricing. It's not a great vibe when you have to contact sales. It's sort of a "if you have to ask you can't afford it."

Justin weintraub

It would help if there was transparent pricing as there is on Articulate 360.  It always makes the job as a Learning Leader harder when you are looking for a quick answer and have to wait for a sales Team to call you back. Also it would be great to have a comparison chart of Reach, Rise and other LMS systems.  Thanks

Stephen Dyson

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this, but it appears that "Reach 360" has replaced the cost-free "Articulate 360" publishing option in Rise. My organization has already published Rise courses via the "Articulate 360" option and we can still access those courses. The free "Articulate 360" publishing option, however, is no longer available. 

Will we continue to have access to the courses we've published prior to the launch of Reach 360? The licensing fees are fairly high and we didn't plan on that expense at the onset of our project. 

Are there any Articulate folks on this thread that can answer this question? Here or pvt me, please. Thank-you. 

Stephen Dyson

Actually, I'm talking about the Publish > Articulate 360 option that published a Rise course to Articulate's host server. No cost other than an Articulate 360 for Teams license. This wasn't an LMS, nor a review site, just a site hosted by the company so users could access courses via a Web browser. 

It seems this option has been replaced with the fee-based "Publish > Reach 360."

Btw, there are comparable hosting services elsewhere that are very reasonably priced. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Stephen! We added Reach 360 as a publishing option so that you can distribute content to learners who don't have a user profile within your LMS. We didn't take any of the other publishing options away, however!

In Rise 360, you can use the Share link or the Review 360 option to create a link to your content for previewing or stakeholder feedback. Those options are included in your Articulate 360 subscription. Your other options are to publish a PDF, a web package for hosting on your own server, an LMS package, and publishing to Reach 360, which is an add-on to Articulate 360.

screenshot of Rise 360 publishing options

In Storyline 360, the top option is Review 360. It used to read, Articulate 360, but the functionality was the same. It publishes content to Review 360 where you can share the course with stakeholders for feedback. Before we retired it, Articulate Online was also listed as a publishing option.

screenshot of storyline publishing options

Let me know if you're not seeing the same thing!

Luka Peters

I am currently looking into Reach with a trial account.

Apart from the learning analytics, I don't see any advantage in publishing a course on Reach. I can just as easily create a course on Rise and send the share link to the learners.

On Rise I don't have learning analytics, but we don't need this at the moment. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Luka! The Share link in Rise 360 doesn't provide the best experience for learners. They're unable to resume content if they leave the page, and they'll see live edits to your course if you're making updates while they're viewing it. The Share link is best used as a preview of content for your stakeholders.

Reach 360 solves for distributing training to learners who may not be added to your learning management system, like partners, students, and other folks who aren't employed by your organization. It provides secure access to your proprietary training, saved progress, and tracking of course completion.

It sounds like you don't need to track who has viewed your content or to what extent at this time, but we'll be here to answer questions as you try out Reach 360 with your Articulate 360 subscription!