Remove course cover page?

May 21, 2019

Is there a way to remove the cover page altogether?  I'm referring to the first page you see with the Start Course button, Details link, and content areas listed below.  When my learner clicks to view the course, I want it to open directly to the first lesson.  

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Angelo Cruz

Good news, everyone! We've just released a new feature that allows you to turn off the cover page when you publish for LMS to improve compatibility, streamline training, and get learners into content faster. Give it a try, and let us know if you have any questions about it!

Note: You can't hide the cover page for training created from Next Big Idea Club content templates.

Cindy Haddad

Thank you for giving us the "Hide Cover Page" option! 

In the future, might it be possible to give control over the padding in the title, maybe even go negative padding?  At the moment the title contains so much spacing that it is too different to interweave Rise sections into our native LMS.  An example comparison is attached.

We were hoping that a course might consist of a native page, then a Rise page, then a native page, and on and on.  With such a difference, and the moments it takes to load, we feel that users might think the course errored - and those with enlarged views (150%) may not even be able to see that there is content below.  

Minimal font control would be appreciated as well.

Sara Kourtsounis

Hi Karl, but it doesn't actualy remove it, but rather makes the image smaller. I want to be able to remove it completely. Mayeb it is different with the microlearning feature, but there is no way to simply remove the image. Mhy group wants me to remove all scrolling within our LMS. I will have to add an insane number of pages to the course in the LMS if I have to have an image each time as even the smaller size takes up valuable space.