Remove course cover page?

May 21, 2019

Is there a way to remove the cover page altogether?  I'm referring to the first page you see with the Start Course button, Details link, and content areas listed below.  When my learner clicks to view the course, I want it to open directly to the first lesson.  

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Richard Barkey

Hi Alyssa - thank you for your post.

Just to put a bit of context around my own "+1", I run a reasonably large training company and we're considering using Rise more widely because it does create lovely output, and is also a pleasure to use.

However, we are creating individual modules rather than set courses. These modules can be combined in different ways within  a variety of LMS and LCMS. 

Rise lets us do this by hiding the menu, and essentially creating one module per course, but the cover page breaks the flow as people move from one module to another. We could kludge it by pointing to an HTML page within the module, but that's a nasty solution. Far better if your team are able to make it optional.

Many thanks indeed!