Removing Step Numbers in Process Interaction

Apr 15, 2020

Hi … I would like to use the Process Interaction without identifying the step numbers.  In Settings you can change the Step Label, but it still keeps the number.  Is there a way to delete the step number?  

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Deanna Furlong

+1 and ditto what Jess Rogers says. Tell your product team it's time to stop being a "Feature Factory", and start focusing more on refinement and repair of the friction points they already have. Your community is loaded with them... just sayin'. You could always use a behavioral analytics tools like, Heap Analytics, to prove or disprove the veracity of feature requests like this one. Tell the Product Team to visit: - you're welcome. P.S. FWIW, when advising other companies about implementing community feature on their site or in their product, I ALWAYS refer to Articulate's "eLearning Heroes" community as a "North Star" implementation - keep up the great work, just tell your Product Team to mine the gold over here!