Resume Course isn't working

I've published a course to Bb LMS SCORM 1.2 , Passed/Incomplete. I completed almost the entire course on iPad and was halfway through the final assessment (90% complete). I closed it then when I reopened the course I put me back to the first knowledge check (30% complete) with "Resume Quiz". Since it is on Restricted Navigation mode, I would have needed to complete most of the course again. Please can someone check this? This would be quite frustrating to users.

Also, I published the same course as Passed/Failed and on iPhone it sent me back to the beginning after I left halfway through the course. Thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Veronica,

Thanks for reaching out here in the E-Learning Heroes community! I know there was a previous issue with resume data in Rise and it varied depending on the LMS option you used. Have you also been able to test your course in another LMS such as SCORM Cloud? I ask because it's a good industry standard to help determine where an issue lies and narrow down the elements to dig deeper into. This article walks you through how to test at SCORM Cloud, and if you're unable to upload there or run into the same behavior there we'll want to get a copy of the Rise export course to have our Support Engineers test and determine next steps.