Rise 360: Attachment Block - file path?


I am wondering where the files uploaded to the Attachment Blocks are hosted?

Does Rise host the file on a cloud server or something? Or is it trying to link back to the source that I uploaded it from?


If I choose a file from a folder on my local or share drive, and I move or delete that file from my drive, will the Attachment Block still have the file for users to download, or will it give an error for the broken file path since its no longer in my drive? 

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Karl Muller

Once uploaded to a Rise Course as an attachment block, the source file no longer matters. During course development the file in the attachment block is located on the Articulate development servers.

If you create a SCORM package, and upload it to a LMS, the uploaded document in the attachment block will be included as a part of the SCORM package.

mikki herbold


when you close the file that was attached to continue on with your module, closing the tab file tab at top when published to LMS, does it take you right back in to the module where you were?

The url blocks me out of the module and have to start all over again so I thought I would try the attachemnt block