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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Michael! Sorry to hear that your Rise course published as cmi5 did not send quiz results to your LMS. Thanks for sharing your screenshot! The settings look good. From here, I would give your course a test drive in another LMS environment. That'll narrow down whether this is an issue with your LMS or the Rise course. We use SCORM Cloud for this kind of testing. SCORM Cloud is an industry-standard free testing engine that supports AICC, SCORM, Tin Can API (xAPI), and cmi5 content.

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use SCORM Cloud with Articulate content.
If your course works properly in SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, kindly share your SCORM Cloud findings with your LMS provider to troubleshoot the issue. 
If the course encounters the same issues in SCORM Cloud, open a case with us here so that we can investigate.