Rise 360 Content Not Loading Into Blackboard Ultra Gradebook

Jun 15, 2023

Hello! I have a project that when loaded into Blackboard Ultra as a standalone Storyline 360 project, loads into the gradebook and reports a student's score accurately.

The issue we face is that when this same project is loaded into a Rise 360 course, and resides on its own page in the course, the project is graded, but the grade always imports into the Blackboard Ultra gradebook as a 0%.

It seems somewhere between Rise and Blackboard Ultra's gradebook that something is being tripped up. Admittedly, this is my first time trying this via Rise, so I'm hoping that this is just an easy setting I don't have toggled in the Rise publishing options.

Thank you for any guidance with this! I am happy to send along a demo to someone on the Articulate staff if there's a way to do so privately.

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Mike! Thanks for reaching out!

I understand Rise is not reporting the quiz score from the embedded Storyline block to your LMS.

You can only use the Storyline block to report course completion but Rise doesn't communicate quiz data from your Storyline 360 project to your LMS. See Joe's explanation in this forum post.

Let me know if you have any questions.