Rise 360 cover image and logo dimensions?

Feb 20, 2020

Does anyone know the the asset dimensions for the cover photo and logos you can upload to customize your Rise courses? Or where that info might be listed? It's not visible in settings screen of a course. 


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Lea Agato

Hi there, Karen! It sounds like you're running into issues with images in your Rise course.  Can you share more details about that, please? (Screenshots/video would be really helpful!)  You also mentioned that pictures from the Content Library work. Can you share the images you have selected from Content Library so we can take a closer look? Thanks!

Tamara Devereux

+1 Erin Shaw

An additional ask: please let us resize the focal point for each view experience. Phone, tablet, desktop, landscape, portrait...they all preview differently and we need to be able to adjust accordingly.

I can do it with responsive websites - decide the focal point. That first impression of a course makes a big impact. Focal point control is really need to have and not nice to have.

Susan Straub-Martin

Add me to that feature as well. I would also Like to see a specific size aspect ratio like on other social platforms. If they can figure out how to make stuff work on the web in different formats Rise should be able to do that as well. Design once and have it work across all platforms. This would be very useful. Thanks.