rISE 360: How to Track Course Completion with a Storyline Block

Apr 12, 2019

I'm afraid I don't quite understand the instructions at this page, describing how to track course completion in Rise 360 with a Storyline Block.

The page says that you can use a quiz results slide. But if I choose a quiz results slide, from where is that quiz results slide PULLING its result?

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Anthony Karcz

Hey, Gregg! If you want to track your learner's course completion in your LMS based on a Storyline 360 quiz, select the Track using Storyline block option. This uses the results slide you've inserted at the end of your Storyline 360 quiz. That slide pulls the results from the associated Storyline 360 quiz slides.

If you export using the Track using quiz result option, you can only choose a quiz result from a Rise 360 quiz lesson.

I hope that clears things up! Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you. 

Gregg Wanciak

No, sorry, that doesn't make sense. 

I don't understand showing completion in Rise 360 using a Storyline block that requires a quiz results slide, and pulling results from a Storyline 360 quiz.

Where do the Storyline 360 quiz slides come into the picture in a Rise 360 course in which you are attempting to show completion using a Storyline block?

Anthony Karcz

Hey, Gregg! Based on your initial question, I assumed you were looking to use a Storyline 360 project that contains a quiz and wanted to track completion in your LMS based on that. 

If that's not the case, you can publish your Storyline 360 project using a completion percentage or a complete course trigger as shown in the article you linked. Neither of those triggers requires learners to take a quiz.

Gregg Wanciak

I guess my original title and question were unclear.

It is stated that you can use a quiz results slide in a Storyline block to track course completion in a Rise 360 course. I don't understand several things:

  • I don't understand the advantage or purpose of using a Storyline block to achieve Rise 360 course completion.
  • Since a quiz results slide is what is required if you use a Storyline block, I don't understand what results are being pulled by the quiz results slide, in the context of a Storyline block in a Rise 360 course.
Anthony Karcz

Gotcha! OK, I can answer those for you, Gregg. :)

While building courses in Rise 360 is fast and easy, you have even more options to create custom content in Storyline 360 (you can read more about that here). Using the Storyline block lets you add custom creations, like an end of course survey or a quiz that uses Content Library 360 characters. 

A quiz results slide is needed in a Storyline 360 project only if you want to track a quiz in a Storyline block. That results slide only reports the results of its Storyline 360 quiz. It doesn't grab any data from any Rise 360 quiz lessons you might have in your course. 

Gregg Wanciak
Anthony Karcz

A quiz results slide is needed in a Storyline 360 project only if you want to track a quiz in a Storyline block. That results slide only reports the results of its Storyline 360 quiz. It doesn't grab any data from any Rise 360 quiz lessons you might have in your course. 

So, there is a gap, here, that I cannot get across. Where does this Storyline 360 quiz live? in a Storyline project or in a Rise 360 project? I am still not grasping the facility of showing course completion in a Rise 360 course by using a quiz results Storyline block.

There is a divide, here, on how the Storyline 360 quiz comes into all this. What possible association is there between this quiz, the actual quiz results slide, and how and why that quiz results slide is going into a Rise 360 course to show course completion, as opposed to the other two ways you can complete a course in Rise?

Justin Grenier

Hi, Gregg!

A few notes on this:

  • You would insert a Storyline block in Rise only when you want to take advantage of Storyline's ability to create whatever you can imagine.
  • If you don't need the creative flexibility of Storyline, feel free to use the tracking options Rise provides.
  • When you insert a Storyline block in Rise, that block becomes part of the Rise course, and your original Storyline project remains intact as well.
  • If you do insert a Storyline block in Rise, you can track course completion based on the work your learners perform inside that block, or you don't have to.  For example, you can:
    • Insert a Storyline block that contains a Quiz, and tell Rise to measure learner completion based on performance on the questions within that Storyline Quiz.
    • Tell Rise to track completion based on the learner viewing a minimum number of slides in your Storyline block.
    • Control precisely when a course is marked complete by using the new course completion trigger in Storyline.
    • Or, you can ignore everything the learner does in Storyline and select one of the  tracking options that Rise provides (completion percentage or quiz result).

Please let us know if you have any other questions! 

Gregg Wanciak
Justin Grenier

Hi again, Gregg!

In Rise, one Storyline block cannot reference content from another Storyline block.  So, if you need to show Rise completion based on your learners' performance on a Storyline quiz, both your Result Slide and your Quiz Slides must exist within the same Storyline block.  Does that help at all?

I understand what you've just told me, but we keep circling the central issue, and I guess I'm just failing to make it clear.

Let's return to the central question and I'll try to be as plain as I can.

If I understand correctly, if I want to show completion in a Rise 360 course via a Storyline block, that Storyline block must be a quiz results slide. Is that correct?

If correct, why would I use a quiz result slide Storyline block to show completion in a Rise 360 course? What is the facility and use of it? What is an example?

Kristen Kiley

Hi Gregg - Here is one use case for tracking course completion based on a Storyline 360 quiz block:

Rise 360 does not have the feature to create a question bank in the Quiz section, and our Compliance Department wants a bank of 30 questions for a 10 question quiz. Users who fail the first or second attempt will need to retake the quiz and will be given new questions from the question bank. (This helps prevent cheating, per our Compliance Department). So I will build the entire quiz in a Storyline project, including the Results slide and the logic allowing 3 quiz attempts, and insert as a Storyline block. And I can still send the learner's course completion/quiz results to the LMS.

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