Rise 360 Navigation to skip other languages

Mar 07, 2023

I have created a single topic course in multiple languages.  I am wondering how to move the user once they select the language to skip the other languages and move to the completion page.


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Gren Foronda

Hi Therese!

You can use Button blocks to jump to other lessons in your Rise course. At the end of the lesson for each language, you can add a Button block that jumps to the Completion lesson, as shown below:

Button Block - Complete

Let me know if you need further assistance creating the Button blocks and setting up the navigation in Rise; I'm here to help! 

Judy Nollet

FYI: Be aware that the Labels for a course can only be in one language. That means that a user will see those messages in the designated language, even if they choose another language for the main course content.

Labels are the built-in messages. They're found in the Settings.

Here's the User Guide info about editing Labels in Rise: https://community.articulate.com/series/rise-360/articles/rise-360-editing-text-labels