Rise 360 - photo adding issue

Jun 16, 2021


I am new to Rise 360. In the course I've used 3 columns option and want to add photos to those columns, but every time I try to upload them I get an error. Photos from the Articulate library work but I cannot add photos from my computer. I tried with different internet connection, different photo formats [jpeg & png], but every single time there's an error. Any advice on what might be the issue?

Thank you


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Stefan @ smartspokes

Hi Agata,

There is a range of possibilities that can cause media uplaod errors. Here are the troubleshooting steps you can try that come to my mind:

- Make sure your browser is up to date
- Clear the browser's cache
- Try to upload the photos in Incognito/Private mode to disable browser add-ons
- Try using a different browser
- Rename the files (make the name of the files short and without any special characters)
- Shorten the folder path to the files (try to uplaod them from your desktop)


nicole francke

Hello, I cannot access any photos on the content library for  Storyline 360. I have a license and installed the Articulate suite. In Storyline 360 v3.53.25436, I see characters, videos, icons. I cannot insert illlustrations or photos. The images do not show up and when I click Insert, I get a selected illustrations were not downloaded successfully message. How do I get access to these features?

Hazel Bartolome

Hi Nicole

Sorry to hear you've run into trouble with Content Library for Storyline 360. 

Please start by checking the network endpoints and ports detailed here. You would need to enlist the help of your IT department to help with that.

I'd also like to let you know that this discussion thread is about Rise 360,  if you have issues regarding Storyline, you can post your Storyline queries here so that the correct team will see it right away. Thanks!