Rise 360 with xAPI Hosted on Squarespace

Dec 27, 2020

I'm considering using Rise 360 and was wondering if anyone know how to host Rise 360 courses on Squarespace (or similar) in a way that offers xAPI tracking/reporting?

Squarespace recently released a new Members Area feature that allows for paywalls, memberships, eComm, etc. I'm interested in using this in place of an LMS, although am not sure if there's any way to include xAPI tracking and reporting features with an exported Rise 360 course. I would like to offer certifications, so figured I need tracking of some sort.

Perhaps a Rise 360 export option combined with a tool like SCORM Cloud? Any ideas and/or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

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Louise Skelton

Hi Al C

We are currently asking the same sort  of questions. Rise works nicely natively but lacks that custom reporting ummph that xAPI can give us. You could export your product as a HTML add add your JS files once published, then host anywhere really, this does not have to be an LMS (it could be, it could be an LRS, or it could even a website). 

I have a rise course, hosted on my personal site and reporting xAPI statements back to an LRS. No LMS involved. 


Sorry no experience with squarespace. 

Thomas Turrell-Croft

You might be interested in Lift which allows you to 'wrap' a Rise 360 course which allows you to remove the requirement for an LMS however you would require a LRS that supports OAuth 2.0.

Lift is a single page web application it will work on any static hosting service. 

Lift allows your Learners to sign into a Rise 360 course with their Microsoft, Google or Facebook accounts.

Disclosure: I work for Launch Learning who provide Lift.