Rise 360 XLIFF Translation import success but content still in original english

Jan 05, 2021

I am trying to create a translated version of a Rise360 course. I've

1. Created a duplicate of the original English version

2. Exported the an xliff file from the duplicate and created a translated version.

3. Imported the the translated xliff file and received an message indicating the import was successful.


However, the content of the duplicate course remained in English. How do I get get Rise 360 to render the translations?

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Anthesis Group

Hi Renz, 

I have the same issue. I already opened a case and spoke with a member of your team, but I couldn't translate the course yet. 

Anyway, I understand where the problem lies. The thing is that my original course is in spanish, and I need to translate it to catalan. The code of the xliff file should be ES, but instead when I download it, the code is ENG-US. This is causing troubles when translating and inserting the new file in RISE.

So my question is if there is any way to change this original file code from ENG-US to ES?


Thanks in advance!

Thor Melicher

Hi Anthesis,

Have you tried this?

  1. Open your file in Notepad.
  2. Change the following line <file original="course" datatype="plaintext" source-language="en-US"> to <file original="course" datatype="plaintext" source-language="es"> (it will be near the top of the file.)
  3. Save the file and then open it in the application you were adding your translation in. 

Note: If you import the file back into Rise and it's not showing the Catalan translation, check to see if you have <target> elements in the file.  If you don't have these, Rise won't be able to see the translation and you will only see it in the <source> language.

Anthesis Group

Hi Lea, 

I understand that I can't change de langauge code, but what I don't understand is why the code is en-us if I have the original course in spanish and settings of RISE in spanish too. 

Does the code always come out in en-us even if the course is in Spanish or is there a problem here?

Thanks for your help!

Alyssa Gomez

That's right -- the source language code in the XLIFF file will always be source-language="en-US" even if you created the course in another language.

If you're still having trouble seeing the translated content in your course, please let us know. I see that you mentioned you opened a case already, but I wasn't able to locate it by doing a search with your email address. If you can share your case number with me, I'd love to have a look at how our team has helped you so far. 

Jason Merrill

For anyone googling this in the future, the imported XLIFF was missing the target-language="ja-JP" attribute & value for our Japanese course. The target-language attribute was not part of the XLIFF export from Rise. Seems like it should be.... I posted this: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/exported-xlif-does-not-contain-target-language-tag-translations-do-not-appear-after-successful-xliff-import