Rise and LRS dont working

Jul 20, 2022

Hello, I trying to send data of my course from Rise to LRS but Rise don't send request to LRS in the browser, my LRS is learning locker.

Im working in local files the url using is file:///Users/jorgefarias/Desktop/test/index.html#/?endpoint=,%20%22mbox%22%20:%20%5B%22mailto:jorge.jffs@gmail.com%22%5D%20%7D&registration=163413426%20&activity_id=http://hH2WZ2hCHB4qcTrWFJCNuuO8ICiGCKbJ_rise

Im see this  documentation link

The LRS endpoint:

Key e9c430471bc76792ceff398f059edc3c3bbacf28
Secret 6ce2b24e2bd7e180f6e098a439153d22d730ab5b
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