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Dec 10, 2016

Just thought I'd update on my stakeholder feedback on Rise. I've designed a substance abuse course for my company that will be delivered companywide (more than 15k employees)... it's a huge scope project!

1. For some reason, the scroll functionality is freaking everyone out... they want a Next button! I'd welcome any suggestions for change management there. Next buttons are dead IMO.

2. All have mentioned the text in the feedback boxes on quizzes is too light to read. I switched to a slightly bolder font, but wish it could be darker.

3. Being able to skip or rapidly scroll through content is still a huge issue, particularly with Blocks. I basically can't add any Blocks at all because they are too easy for the user to scroll right past without viewing properly. This limits the variety/creativity of my course.

4. A user asked for narration for each section, which I can't provide - would be great if there was a way to toggle on/off the narration on each section?

Unfortunately I think I'm going to have to default back to Storyline for this one due to the skipping content issue - personally I'd love to release it and see what kind of feedback we get, but it's appearing a bit too risky for my stakeholders. If anyone has a suggested fix for this, I'd love to hear it! 

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Leigh S

Oh and if there's a way to export a Rise course into Storyline (because I may as well ask for the moon while I'm here, lol!) let me know! I'm sure it's not possible yet, and I have a backup built in Storyline already, but I'd love to see the nice images in blocks, etc. export from Rise into Storyline if at all possible. 

Adam Schwartz

Hi Leigh,

Glad you were able to solve the light feedback text issue. In a future release, we're making it darker by default.

Here are some thoughts that can hopefully help change your stakeholders’ minds about using Rise. From the concerns they’ve raised -- the lack of a next button and the ability to scroll (perhaps too quickly) through content -- it sounds like the underlying concern is that learners won’t really digest the content.

But the truth is, the risk of learners skipping through content exists with any type of course. For example, a learner could start playing a video in a Storyline course and simply turn their head, open another tab, or walk away. Or they could click through “Next” buttons as quickly as they could scroll through a Rise lesson. 

The core benefit of doing a scrolling design is that it’s fundamental to true responsive design. As you have mentioned, your learners will take courses on desktops, tablets, and phones. They may even switch between devices as they take a single course. Why not give them the best possible experience on all devices?

My hunch is your stakeholders have been trained to expect a certain type of experience for a course. But that type of experience isn't always the best experience. In fact, in our Rise testing we have found some of the best learner experience feedback we've ever seen. Keep in mind that learners already experience the entirety of the web by scrolling. Just try to use Google, Facebook or any other site without. 😀

Even if you can't convince them today, my bet is eventually they will come around, especially if inherently responsive courses becomes a priority.

To address the concern that learners won’t really digest the content, I think you're approach of using quizzes as checkpoints along they way is a great idea.

Also, regarding your question you sent via support about the JS solution, I would check with Zsolt Olah. He might have some creative ideas. 

Leigh S

I checked and they definitely have that domain listed for compatibility mode. Sighhhhh... I'm going to get around this by adding an addendum to the navigation tips section of the training and tell them to ignore the popup - will it cause them to not receive credit for the course? Is it just a warning for something small/unnoticeable to the user?  

Justin Grenier

Hey, Leigh.

One of the secrets to producing such stunning, responsive content from Rise is that we've needed to really approach and extend the limits of what is possible in HTML5.  Older browsers (and even supported browsers masquerading as older browsers) just aren't up to snuff.

In an LMS environment, this could possibly mean grading or completion challenges, so it'll be important to try and get your learners using a supported browser whenever possible.  This is what the notification will look like for your learners:

Unsupported Browser

Let us know how we can help!

Leigh S

Pretty widespread, unfortunately. System-wide in some cases to help us with older programs dealing with airline-specific programs. 

I'm not so much concerned with rendering - so far, all users are able to complete the course and are not reporting issues other than the error message. What I'm most concerned about is failing out of the LMS. I'm following up with IT to see what they can do. 

Phil Mayor

I hope you don't mind me jumping in here I have a feeling that being a bee to skip through the content may keep raising its head here, I have no problem with the scrolling as this is just the same as keep pressing the next button, I would however really like some type of conditional activities. For example section two is only available when you complete section one, for a lot of content the will be a necessity especially if you are describing a linear process.

I would also love the introduction of some menu screen such as a map based screen, section perhaps vertical and horizontal, where the progression can be shown to the user.

Any chance in the future you can look at building some game style quizzes in so these can be interspersed with the content, I am thinking of things along the lines of the old learning games in Studio 09, also time based activities.


Justin Grenier

Thanks very much for the screenshots, Leigh.  I've escalated this issue to our QA team to see if we have any thoughts on why this might be happening.

In the interim, it might be productive for you to check with your IT folks for any ideas they might have on why IE 11 might masquerade as an older browser within your LMS environment.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leigh,

We were discussing this a bit further with our QA team and I'm going to reach out to you as a part of a Support case in hopes that we can take a look at your course and see how it's being displayed in the iFrame. Keep an eye out for an email from Support@articulate.com - and if you're already on a holiday break, no worries! Just reply to it when you're back. :-) 

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