Rise blank screen issue

Hi All,
I have a client who is having an issue when re-visiting a Rise course. It works perfectly and as expected when testing in SCORM cloud.

Oddly the course launches fine but on re-visit they just get a blank screen.

One of the difficulties is that I don’t have any access to the system to see what is happening in real time to further debug.

My only real course of action was to get a bit more system specific details to see if anything here would be an issue, they have come back with the following:

LMS: Kallidus Version 10.1.12
Tested on desktop PC running Windows 7
Browser: IE 11
Pop-Up Blocker: Off

Version of JavaScript: Version 8

This all looks fine and in line with the Rise browser compatibility specs.

Since this runs all fine in SCORM cloud I’m at a bit of a loss as to what the issue could be. Has anyone had any similar issues and any resolutions? Or areas for the client to look into further their side of things?


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Stephanie Samargis

Hi Mauricio
Apologies for my slow reply, I have two accounts so it took me a while to find my archived notes. There is no explanation other than that of a bug within Rise.
Each time it has happened the articulate team have identified a bug and repaired it. 

In regard to your comment. Its basically saying that a rise course will return blank if you attempt to replace an old course with a new duplicated version (lesson numbers will differ and as a result the learner will not be able to resume a course).

Are you updating an existing rise file or are you duplicating the rise file and trying to upload a duplicate copy to your LMS?

In any case, have you logged a ticket with Articualte? The support team are super helpful with fixing issues and bugs if you have identified something. Just allow a few days for a resolution. 

Allison LaMotte

Hi Mauricio,

I just wanted to jump in here and clarify why the resume feature won't work if you replace an old course with a different course or a copy of a course (which is essentially, a different course). 

The reason this happens is that each course contains a unique identifier. This unique identifier prevents the suspend data that's been saved from a different course from working.

I hope that makes sense! :) Let me know if you have any other questions.

Nicole Kelsch

I am experiencing this issue currently. I have a couple of Rise presentations I've loaded into a course prior to going live with students. After uploading a new version of the lesson, it shows either a blank page or any of the previously viewed graphics (such as the cover photo) do not show. Same thing for one Storyline uploaded to this course.

Using Agilix Buzz LMS

angular 9.0.2
Buzz 3.0.176
Chrome 81.0.4044.138
xli 2020.05.27.4534

Mauricio Ventresca

Nicole, in short, Rise + Suspend Data = No go. 

My team and I learned this the hard way and it was a huge headache for some of the projects we where working on back then. We came up with different workarounds this issue:

A) We broke-up larger RISE modules into smaller chucks without any sidebar menu. We uploaded the smaller sections into the LMS and used the divider blocks with a shortcut to start the next Rise course.  From a user experience, the LMS and RISE would work like one system, however, for clients using Agile development, a small update in one module would only reset a learner to the beginning of that micro lesson, not the entire course. 

B) For meduim-sized courses where we wanted to keep the sidebar navigation AND the updates where minor or non-critical: We would hide the course from the LMS catalog and create a new course. This meant any current learners would still be able to complete the course without losing their progress and any new learner would be assigned the latest version. 

I know these are not optimal solutions, however, once we got the system and process down, we were able to keep the courses in RISE, and leverage some of the advantages this tool offers. Hope this helps. 



Crystal Horn

Hi, Nicole. We would like to find out more about the blank page you're seeing. Even if the suspend data doesn't match in the new version, your course should start from the beginning, rather than display a blank page. 

If you're willing, please click here to share some detail with my team. It would be great if you can describe:

  • What is the scope of your edits to your existing course? For example, are you adding new lessons and content? Are you simply editing text and media? Are you changing completion or reporting details?
  • How do you upload the new version to your LMS? Is there an option to update an existing course?
  • When you upload a new version, do you have the option in your LMS to clear the existing suspend data for users who have already started the last version of the course? Do you clear it?
Karl Muller

We have seen the white screen under these circumstances:

  • Publish a Rise course to the LMS and learners start using it.
  • Make a structural change to a course by either adding or deleting a Rise lesson.
  • Republish the course to the LMS.
  • Learners that were "still in progress" will see the white screen and will be unable to do anything, because the resume data no longer matches the course.
  • We do not have the option to delete their resume data.
  • We have to remove the course and reassign it before they can take the course again, but learners will lose all of their progress data and need to restart.