Rise - Can you copy a block between lessons?

Dec 05, 2016

I made several lessons in Rise, and each lesson has multiple blocks. Is it possible to copy a block from one lesson to another? I found I can duplicate blocks within a lesson, and I can duplicate entire lessons. I'm trying to copy one bock of a lesson into another existing lesson. Thanks. 

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Sam Tucker

It's wild to me that it's been 4 years since this original post, and there still isn't a convenient way to copy individual blocks from one lesson to another. Block templates are an okay workaround, but still a workaround, and not very convenient if you're not planning to reuse the block in other content. C'mon Articulate, this should be fairly easy to implement!

Jessica Jutras

That's not at all what I or others are asking for. I understand that templates can be created and reused. However, what sometimes needs to happen is much simpler. Sometimes, I accidentally create information in one module/lesson and simply want to copy it to a different module/lesson within the same course. But I cannot do so. I can copy to another course entirely. I can make a template. But that's not what I need. I need a simple "Copy to another module" and/or "copy to another lesson". It seems the priority missed the mark when the "copy to another course" function was created, but there lacks a simple way to copy a section from one lesson to another within the same course.