Rise: Changing the default Accent Colors

Feb 23, 2018

I am interested in changing the default accent colors to align to our company brand color scheme. How can that me done? 

Thank you.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jennifer!

Rise 360 allows you to choose one accent color for your course, and there isn't a way to adjust the default color options. You can also choose a custom color, if you'd like.

Thanks for letting us know you'd like to customize your own color palette. That's not a feature on our roadmap right now, but we'll keep our eyes out for similar requests!

Melissa Gandy

I would also like to put a vote on this. Having every course start with articulate's vivid orange and constantly having to recreate the one color is extremely time consuming and difficult to manage with a team of many making courses. We are in the process of full elearning conversion so we are going to be making a lot of courses over the next several months. This feature would be very helpful.

Greg Johnson

I agree.  I'd love to be able to create a suite of brand resources at a team level, including:

  • Brand colors 
  • Brand custom font, set as default
  • Brand images and logos in Content Library

Everyone in our Team subscription would then be able to access the above resources easily, rather than having to set for every courses.