Rise: Changing the default Accent Colors

Feb 23, 2018

I am interested in changing the default accent colors to align to our company brand color scheme. How can that me done? 

Thank you.

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Sam Burrough

The smart thing to do here is realise that Articulate doesn't really care about what its users think. I would highly recommend using Evolve by Intellum instead. Rise is a weak imitation of Evolve and unlike Articulate, Evolve gets genuinely exciting updates on a regular basis. I would only use Rise if a client forced me too.

Patrick Finnegan

Let me add my voice to this. But truthfully, I'm kind of shocked that this was not in the earliest designs. It's also strange to see that people have been asking for this for over 5 years and it still has not been added. According to the Rise_360_Storyboard_template.docx  provided by Articulate staff, it is an option. Love to see this available soon.