Rise: Changing the default Accent Colors

Feb 23, 2018

I am interested in changing the default accent colors to align to our company brand color scheme. How can that me done? 

Thank you.

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Hazel Bartolome

Hi Michael! You could change the accent colors as noted here in the Theme section of your Rise course settings. You would need to do this per course. If you're going to need the same accent colors on all your courses, you may want to create one course that you duplicate at the start of your content creation.

Josh Gorman

There's a lot of customization that really needs to be available to brand courses. We should be able to add CSS changes in as well to match. 

For example, our brand guidelines say all buttons should be rounded, but I can't change the dividers to match.

I have to keep a Sticky on my screen at all times to copy and paste Hex colours into Rise. We should be able to set the full palette.

The font sizes in some objects are also too small (Tabs, Accordions, etc.) and I have to manually adjust every time we use them. That's a lot of extra work and QA time.

Mary-Lynne Snedden

Changing and saving the colour palette for company/organization branding is essential. This function is part of most applications geared towards professionals. Your product is priced for professional not personal use and these essential functions (not features) should be there. An accompanying issue, as an instructional designer, is being able to customize the author name to accommodate multiple clients. 

Terry Simmons

4 years since this was first requested and still no change why is this not a main component of the 'customise the theme section' where currently there is not a lot to customise apart from adding one colour and the typeface....

I have noticed this with lots of different requests going back years for what should be basic features. I am beginning to wonder if any of these requests are are actually taken on board and being worked on by the developers or if replies from staff are just lip service because nobody is actually working on the development of these requests. 

As well as this being very annoying for me here are a couple more

-  the grey background on the process block that cannot be removed - if users cannot change the background colour then leave it white

- the spacing between lines of text in paragraphs etc (not that I use 12pt in RISE but look at the space between the lines, you could fit 2 more lines of text in the space) why is it so big? If the height of the type is 12pt then the leading is usually 2pt or maybe 4pt bigger ie 14pt or 16pt.

This may seem like a rant and maybe it is, I'n not angry just frustrated when I see that years have gone by with no resolution to so many of the requests put forward. I have looked for solutions to many features and see numberous requests that go back years and none of them have ever been developed. The name that will appear in this comment is not mine but I am the one that uses RISE to create courses for a wide variety of clients who have more that one colour in their  branding and none of them have dreary grey.

Please Please Please can you deal with the requests that you have received from YOUR PAYING CLIENTS and work on the development of them - we all know that it does not take years to do this if someone is acutally working on them.

Charlotte Kisby

Hello Terry, I agree with all your points, but if it helps someone did post a workround to change the background of the process block.  I haven't tried it yet, but in case it helps: helps: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/hex-color-code-for-rise-process-block

Terry Simmons

Hi Josh. Thanks for the reply. My name is Moira and Terry is my boss. After letting him know he may get a message regarding my request, we discussed the fact that this is a product that is used by a vast number of people who's requests seem to fall by the wayside. Yes the only answer may be to change provider or hopefully another provider will see the potential and develop a more user friendly product where their clients input is taken on board. We are in the process of developing a new LMS system which allows you to build your courses into it directly. There's a long way to go to work on the functionality of the course builder as there are so many other features to the system to work on but maybe this is how we will go eventually...