Rise Closed Captions Not Working

Apr 02, 2021

Hello! I uploaded a video in Rise 360 that had closed captions created in Panopto, but there was no CC button on the video. I then uploaded a VTT file for it, and the CC button appeared but the captions did not when selected or deselected. I'm not sure which status is on/off. I added WEBVTT (per another discussion thread) to the beginning of the VTT file, but nothing changed.  I then realized that I needed to have .en.vtt in the name, so I added that and reuploaded.  Still no change. I've attached my VTT file if that helps.

Thanks for any assistance!

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Scott Sand

I'm having the same problem with the CC showing sometimes and not other times. I checked the .vtt file and it has no commas or extra numbers that I can see. 

The CC button shows like it should but it only displays some and not others. I have looked at the raw .vtt file and cannot find any commonalities for why one line shows up and another line doesn't.

How did you fix this? I don't want to give this to my boss and have it perform half the time. 

Brad Wilk

Dear Customer Support,


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:05.330
Good day everyone, my name is June Doe.

00:00:07.608 --> 00:00:15.290
This video teaches you how to
build a sandcastle on any beach

Like the others I am not able to load a vvt file into Rise. Is there a template you can provide so I can test it? Warm regards, Brad 

Chris Gower

Hi there -

I am having the same issue. We are publishing the course (using the default videos that are included with the course) onto a web server but none of the video captions are appearing. I can see in the exported that there are .VTT files appearing, but they are not playing.

I too have made sure the .vtt file contains no commas where indicated but this has not made any difference.

Any help would be appreciated as we have workarounds, but they're not ideal.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Chris and Brad!

Thanks for letting us know the captions in your VTT files aren't appearing on your videos. So sorry you're hitting that roadblock!

Would you mind sharing your VTT files with our team so we can take a closer look? If that works for you, you can send them our way through this Support Case form