Rise content not showing in Chrome from Canvas LMS

Jul 18, 2023

I've seen this issue from others a while back, but haven't seen a solution yet.

I've integrated a SCORM-enabled Rise activity in the Canvas LMS as a graded activity. It works when I access it from Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, but the Google Chrome browser doesn't show the Rise activity. 

I've tested just about every SCORM publish settings:

LMS integration: SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions) and SCORM1.2

Reporting status: Complete/Incomplete

I've cleared my cache and cookies and have enabled cookies.

Is there any idea as to why it works in one browser and not the others?


Thanks for any help!



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Christopher Santos

Hi Aaron,

You can also test the course in SCORM Cloud.  You may use this article to guide you in troubleshooting the course in this LMS.

If the course works in SCORM Cloud using Chrome, please reach out to Canvas LMS support.  To help them troubleshoot the issue, you may enable debug mode.

If the issue is also occurring in SCORM Cloud when using the Chrome browser, you may reach out to our support team.  We'd be happy to investigate this further with you.