Rise copy/paste text errors


Each time I copy text from a Word document, invariably typos appear after I paste these into the 'transcript' tool for Rise.

This is quite annoying as I have already spent time editing the transcript in another program, to only have Rise delete spaces between words thus causing 'typos' to appear. Rise also doesn't highlight and/or 'catch' these errors. 

Why is this happening? What can be done to prevent this? 



PS: I use Chrome or Safari for Mac. 

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Karl Muller

Hi Dustin,

I've never heard of spaces being deleted as you describe.

BTW, spell- and error checking of text is not done by Rise, it's done by whatever browser you are using.

I use Chrome in Windows, so not sure how these steps will translate to a Mac environment (if at all):

Copy text from you source.

In Rise, right-click and choose to "paste as plain text".