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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for reaching out here. When you go to upload to your LMS you'll then see the course within your LMS, but the overall display shouldn't change what you're seeing - unless your LMS is wrapping the content in an iFrame or something similar. I'd defer to your LMS team for additional insight there. 

You'll also be able to track and report on the users' experience when within the LMS, which is not something that the Rise Share link enables. 

Hopefully others here in the community will be able to share their experiences with you as well, and you may want to share what LMS you're using in case there is anything specific with that set up! 

caroline zamora


Related to Rise Course Behaviour:

  1. I tried uploading a Rise package onto our lms, and I noticed an extra column on the left. Is there a setting that can be done so the course can be viewed full screen? Thank you.
  2. Also, sometimes the course opens up well, but sometimes an error occurs. It happens both on Chrome and IE. Any way we can avoid this. Thanks in advance.
Justin Grenier

Happy New Year, Caroline!

  • The extra panel in your screenshot is being added by your Learning Management System.  You can reach out to their technical support team for help with removing it.
  • As for the Error initializing communications with LMS error that you shared, can you please compare your course's behavior in SCORM Cloud?  If the problem persists in SCORM Cloud, please let us know and we can help you troubleshoot the problem.  If the problem is confined only to your LMS, that's again something that your LMS support can help you isolate.

Thanks for trying Rise!