Rise courses: How to disable "Drag up for full screen" on Storyline blocks?

Aug 14, 2019


I am adding Storyline blocks for interactions in my Rise course, but it has instructions to "Drag up [or swipe up on the storyline block, if you are using a touch screen] to make it full screen." How do I disable that feature or permanently hide those instructions in a course?

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Holly Atkinson

Hi Chrystal,

Is this the same for Storyline interactions on Rise that are showing up on mobile devices as a seperate box? I've added in a Storyline interaction to my Rise course and when testing it out on a mobile (through Chrome), it's showing up as a seperate box to be X'd off once complete. Ideally, i'd like it to flow more with the course and appear as part of the Rise course to aid progression for the learners - is this possible?

Thank you,


Tony Sundell

Sorry about thread necromancy, but the x-button is giving us problems with iPhone users. It's very thin and barely visible on top of going on top of other similarly colored elements and this combination makes it almost impossible to see. Incidentally this same "full screen" view blocks the "continue" elements found on website which are visible for user, but unfortunately un-clickable on these circumstances. 

Tony Sundell

Sure. The upper left x is barely visible as the iframe-element containing whole Storyline-block is transparent. It would be a lot more apparent that you are in full screen mode if the iframe-element wouldn't be transparent. As an added bonus, you find the X easier and rest of the website is not in conflict with what you can see vs what you can interact with.

As addition iframe-element not being invisible the possibility of developer generated navigation buttons such as "jatka" (continue) at lower part here is visible, but not interactive. 

Tony Sundell

Actually after a closer study this issue doesn't seem to be related to iPhone, but to mobile in general. Storyline player is modern, with no menus. Android with Chrome browser has the same issue. This appears in case, where Storyline-block first has a "play" button on top of it. Storylineblock won't start until you have clicked this play button. If I remember it correctly this was related to browser developers' choice to stop audio and other invasive elements playing without user input. 



Tony Sundell

My current plan to improve upon user experience in this case is to include following CSS-class into already build SCORM of Rise: 


background-color: white;

Naturally these type of "hacks" are bit of a updating nightmare, but this would make full-screen content non-transparent and give more attention to "close content" -X at the upper left corner.

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