Rise courses published to Review not showing in Review

May 15, 2020

I see a new update just went out today (5/14/20), so I'm wondering if this is related. Yesterday I published multiple Rise courses to Review and they all showed up in my Review library. Tonight any time I publish a Rise course to Review, I can click "View in Articulate Review 360" button when it's done publishing and I see the individual course from Review 360, but it is not showing up when I go to my Review library. Storyline courses I'm publishing to Review are showing up in the library like normal. It's only Rise courses. Tried it in Chrome, Firefox, and IE. No luck with any of them. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Katie and Design Wagon. Publishing Rise 360 courses to Review 360 is working on my setup. Let's try some quick steps to see if we can get it going for you:

Try logging out, refreshing your browser, and logging back into Articulate 360 here. Export your Rise 360 course to Review 360 again. Does that work?

If not, please reach out to us here so we can work with you one-on-one. Thanks!

Chris Livermore

Hi, I'm experiencing this same issue.

Another person created the Rise course, we're both 'Managers'. Yet, when I publish the rise course, it's not in Review. This has happened to 2 courses now.

When I select 'View in Review 360' from Rise, it displays fine in Review (but it's not in the review catalogue). I can also publish to Review, fine, but not in Catalogue. I've signed in/out.

Any thoughts? thanks