Rise documentation on image sizes

I'm looking for documentation on the default image dimensions that can fit into each of the Images templates without requiring zooming.  For example, the first two images I tried putting in the two image grid were too big (they're screenshots), and I'd like to know what size to make them to look good without a lot of trial and error.  Is this documented somewhere?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Heather!  Rise courses are fully responsive, so your images may have different dimensions as they adapt to different devices and orientations. Follow these best practices when working with media in Rise.

Key takeaways:

  • We recommend using the highest quality images possible and letting Rise optimize them for web delivery.
  • It's a good idea to use images where important details won't be lost if the edges are cropped.
  • The maximum file size for each image you upload to Rise is 5 GB.
Crystal Horn

Hi Jack.  Rise displays images in different sizes and ratios depending on the device you're using, especially in those full-width image blocks. For example, the way an image is cropped on a tablet is completely different than the way it's cropped on a phone.

In other words, there's no ratio rule to follow since the image will be cropped differently depending on the device that's used. This fluidity holds true for the authoring environment as well.  Check out this Peek screencast to see the dimensions changing as I resize the browser.  So your full width image dimensions that you captured will likely change if you resize your browser.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jack,

Some cropping may happen based on the image and device used, but I'd be happy to take a look at your image and test it. 

Heather, what's the size of the images that you're inserting? It sounds like you've already taken a look at our best practices article, but if you'd like to share a copy of the images or some examples here we can take a look as well. 

Nicola Fern

Is there any update to this? I'm having this issue as I'm using images of graphs and at the moment the two images side by side are having the labels cropped out which looks ridiculous. There are very few times where I will be using images that are just there to look good - they have to make sense in context with my text. It would be far better if you had the option to fit the width or height depending on the images you were using.


Christian Horner

The "biggest" issue I have is that the interactive images always take up the entire width of the screen. For images that are long top to bottom, the user needs to scroll to see the entire image. Is there a plan to allow the creator to resize an image so it doesn't take up so much space?