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Apr 09, 2017

Hi! Love the concept of RISE, few questions:

1) I want to host on my website as part of a monthly membership site / training. Can I embed it on the web AND Still get the quizzing answers? It looks like that only is allowed if you have a formal LMS - which I don't. :(

2) Can you drip content and add to the course each month. I want them to only be able to see what's happening each month - AND - I want a staggered start, so person a starts May 1, they start at module one, on June 1st they get access to module 2 and so on at the first of each month. Person B starts on May 16th and gets month 1, and on June 16th gets month 2. Person C starts on August 1st and starts at month 1 module and so on. Is there a way to do that with Rise or 360?

3) which begs the next question: it's not really clear to me when you would choose RISE and when you would choose Articulate Storyline.

4) Can you embed forms and alternative web pages into your wordpress site or is it always going to the Rise site. think I got this one, but not sure 100%

thanks for sharing your wisdom - I did a lot with storyline in the past, but it was't dripped based on a timeline - so just trying to figure that out. thanks!!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allison,

Glad to hear you're loving Rise - we're pretty big fans ourselves! 

Some of your questions may be best handled by the community, but I wanted to chime in at least on the ones to describe functionality or or clarify elements. 

1) I haven't seen an example in Rise yet, but I know in Storyline lots of users have looked at tracking responses using Javascript and reporting those to an external database or Excel sheet. I suspect someone in the community has done just this in Rise, so hopefully they're able to share! 

3) I find this breakdown of how the pros use Storyline vs. Rise really helpful as a way to look at what each tool can do and how to go forward. 

4) I've seen folks embed Google forms into their Rise course and this example as well, and then it'll open in a new tab/window if you'd like or be directly in the Rise page itself. 

Hope that helps and that you get a bit more info for the custom set up you're looking to accomplish in # 2! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allison, 

How are you exporting? For No LMS - Web only or a specific LMS option?

We don't have specific articles or tutorials for particular web servers or LMS's but I know my colleague Justin shared some steps on how he was upload to his server in this discussion (someone was asking about a Wix site).

Let me know if that helps and hopefully some folks in the community who use Wordpress are able to share here too! 

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