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Mar 14, 2017

Hi there,

I have yet to delve into RISE but it looks brilliant. A quick question, excuse me if it has already been documented - is there current support for Google Fonts? I noticed there is a future update planned for font uploads but wondered if Google Fonts were already supported?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Chris!

Thanks for your post, and glad to hear you're checking out Rise. We think it's brilliant, too! 

Currently you can choose from these fonts in Rise, all of which are Google Fonts: Lato, Raleway, Roboto, Open Sans, Merriweather, Lora, Roboto Slab, and Maitree.

And we've got adding custom fonts on the roadmap, so stay tuned!

Katie Riggio

Thank you for your interest in our custom fonts feature on Rise, everyone!

We just released another update for Rise, which includes the following feature: Personalize your Rise courses with custom fonts for headings and body text. Just upload your font files in the theme settings.

Please be sure to check out our community post here for additional information as well as a quick video guide.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly. We're all happy to help!

Katie Riggio

Hi Hanna,

I'm glad to see you experimenting with our new custom fonts feature! You're correct – this feature currently modifies the font of the heading and body text, but I'll be relaying your request to have it available for the menu and link/button sections as well to our product team. This is a new feature, so we appreciate this as we work to keep enhancing it!

As always, please feel free to submit any other feature requests here in the forums or using the form available here!

Hanna Danielsson

Yes, it would be very good if all textual object became the custom font that we are using. This is usually very important to our clients who need to follow their brand guidelines strictly, including custom fonts. Sometimes it's close to a deal breaker if they can´t follow their brand guidelines in detail.


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